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PA 3 Toggle Build Energy Management under the New Meta

jaazaniah1jaazaniah1 Posts: 3,346 Arc User
At cosmics with AoPM and AoAC energy management for 3 toggle PA builds isn't really an issue, but away from those mega encounters, and with the cudgel applied to CoAP, what is the best way to manage energy for such a build? Taking Ego/Rec/End and stacking all Ego (for the energy use discount and energy from the form) seemed about the best for me in the PTS PH. I am curious what others are using.

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  • flowcytoflowcyto Posts: 10,165 Arc User
    Well, CoAP doesn't scale w/ any particular stat now, afaik, though you could still take End SS + OD for when you don't want to summon or stand in the circle (and prob settle on 2 dps toggles then, which can still do okay considering its long-ranged mobile dps then). Could also sub one or two of the slots w/ Hand Cannon or Shoulder Launcher- not as optimal dps and is back-ended, but also generally takes less energy. But yea.. Ego stacking w/ Insight can work well w/ good enough gear, as could Int stacking w/ Detect Vuln.
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  • bringmeaslabbringmeaslab Posts: 162 Arc User
    I'm presently using a Ego/End/Rec w/ a Dist Helm of Efficiency, and, tho the dps is a little lower than before, it works just fine. It's statted all Ego except for two End/Rec 5s in the secondaries. I'm using Mini-Gun and Chest Laser for two of my toggles, which seem to be better than their alternatives for getting Dist procs and maintaining energy.
  • jaazaniah1jaazaniah1 Posts: 3,346 Arc User
    Yep. Got End as SSS and OD and that gives about 36 per tic when stacked 3x and Concentration is giving ca. 75. Got all the energy discounts I can have and with that set up I can run all 3 toggles, but that's glass cannon mode. I guess that's the way it is if one wants to run 3 toggles.

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