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Become "Cyber Ninja" Powers Question

crynetingcryneting Posts: 2,286 Arc User
Hi All

Small Q about the "Cyber Ninja" powers, that are they smipley skins of powers we already have?, cuz it appears we don't have normal "Single Blade" don't have the "Engrey" effect like it does, I assume that it's just the Engrey Swords but with a physical blade.


  • melphyx2melphyx2 Posts: 170 Arc User
    becomes are like a... test devices. Some of them have mixed powers.
    they are useless to hanging around with them in a mission.
    The only good becomes are Celestial & Doomlord, because 1 power; that one rez others (as well do AoE dmg but mostly for rez others.).

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  • criswolf09criswolf09 Posts: 625 Arc User
    Regarding the Cyberninja Become devices the sword powers granted by that device have some odd mechanics namely the special effects given the vibration in the sword. Other powers were recycled and added to the game like Laser Sword powers in
    December of 2016.
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