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Took me 43 hours but I was finally able to compile graphical proof that High Noon = Best Event


Ok, yeah I understand you can't cram SCR in every event cause of oversaturation, but please consider adding more optional rewards to event dailies for those who already have all/don't care about event costumes/auras/emotes/etc.

Some ideas:
-SCR (again, to some, not all events)
- Questionite (already implemented for High Noon)
- Mod cases (1 Rank 6 mod for the main fight quest, 3 rank 4 mods for sidequests for example)
- Until Recognition
- Additional Resource reward (15g for main quest, 5g for minor quests)
- Mystery box (just go crazy and cram whatever inside it, some examples: 5/7/10/safeguard catalyst, Costume Change voucher, Crafting Skill up, Exp/Resource Boost, random AFs; very small chance of getting Legacy Auras, 100k Q store devices, r3 Vehicle Weapons, etc.)​​


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