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Dimensional Collapse or Shadow Eruption?

With the darkness changes I got a retcon to use and was wondering what the feeling is on Dimensional Collapse? I'm debating going with that or Shadow Eruption and am looking for some advice. (This toon is darkness dps, btw)


  • spinnytopspinnytop Posts: 15,858 Arc User
    Well, assuming you already have another power that applies Devoid, then Dimensional Collapse would be the better way to keep that applied since it's a tap and will also add its own continuing damage making it the better dpsing choice - it also applies Fear, which is convenient. Given that Shadow Eruption is both shorter range and has a longer cast time than Shadow Blast, it's the worse choice in terms of single target dpsing bosses. The aoe application of Devoid would of course be great while plowing trash, if a bit excessive ( though probably quite useful in the warzone ).

    So if you're looking for the better choice for dpsing bosses/big things, and you already have something that applies Devoid, then Dimensional Collapse would be the better choice.

    On the other hand if you were looking for something to do aoe damage, then Shadow Eruption is the better choice as it not only will potentially deal more damage based on advantage choices, but it also has a lot of other useful effects.​​
  • ericrightshow82ericrightshow82 Posts: 402 Arc User
    Great, thank you!
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