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Task Force Victor (Heavy RP)

gilbournecgilbournec Posts: 12 Arc User
General Info

Task Force Victor is a Super Group created in August 2017 with the intended purpose of providing active and available roleplay to players in the Champions community for various different timezones. The SG is managed by the head, four captains with individual mindsets as well as two councils that are interchanged every six months to get fresh faces in and willing to grant new ideas and input on developments in the SG.

TFV prides itself on continued growth and development in both infrastructure and the SG's story through dynamic arcs and one-off events done through planning for ICly sudden occurrences and with the use of an Operations Board system which allows the player to be the one to set the time as to what mission among many to undertake and at what time, allowing for fluidity between timezones.

There are numerous themes that are taken within the group as well as settings, allowing for a diverse range of technological, magical, superpowered and sometimes outright eldritch creations from the players within. Power levels are managed through various rankings in missions as well as assistance and creative writing from seasoned DMs to minimise cheese in our more universal arcs. That being said, those who surpass a certain degree of IC power will need to have discussions on how to keep things interesting and fair for both player and DM in regards to the character.

The intended goal of Task Force Victor is to provide a place where players in the Champions community can branch out from the casual and club scene to pursue development for both their characters as well as the people alongside them in an ever-changing plot line that takes place within the world, and hopes to continue to grow with the aid of players who want something more for their experience as a roleplayer.

Casual RP is daily, and we're not only looking for new members, but also people outside of the SG to create connections with in order to do our part in maintaining a stable and functioning roleplay community!

Who are we IC?

Task Force Victor is a Super Group that severed itself from government control into the world of privatised business with the assistance of various sponsors around the world. Led by Director Kayla Conner, also known as "Ziggy", she created a company out of a unit of well-intended superpowered soldiers into a new organisation known as the Victorian Company, with Task Force Victor being the main factor of its might.

The Victorian Company was designed with the intent of bringing about a "golden age of heroism" by utilising heroes across the globe and bringing them under their wing in order to become a new player in the competitive hero scene. By working alongside groups such as PRIMUS, UNTIL and the Champions, they actively hunt jobs and missions, allowing the numerous members to seek out new opportunities to brighten the world in their own way.


We do unfortunately have some small restrictions which shouldn't pose too much of an issue, such as dissuading players from the use of powerplay, metagaming, threatening and antagonising, as well as displaying sympathy for blatantly harmful organisations IRL. Our OOC age limit is 16+ as certain themes may have adult suggestions or grim/gory atmospheres. ICly, the age limit is 18+.


I can be found in-game with the tag @gilbourne5 or on Discord with the tag Cagi#9427!
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  • crazycyborg25crazycyborg25 Posts: 3 Arc User
    Is this group still recruiting?
  • gilbournecgilbournec Posts: 12 Arc User
    It is!
  • granitritegranitrite Posts: 38 Arc User
    edited October 2018
    would you accept a film Noir type character?, he is dementonally desynced and switch's between modern detective and sterotypical noir detective
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  • gilbournecgilbournec Posts: 12 Arc User
    granitrite wrote: »
    would you accept a film Noir type character?, he is dementonally desynced and switch's between modern detective and sterotypical noir detective

    Not entirely sure on the meaning of 'dementonally' unless you mean 'dimensionally' but I'd be glad to discuss on Discord!
  • johnystelar1johnystelar1 Posts: 67 Arc User
    Does this group still randomly flag genuine good people they don't like or saw their name on a website that trolls and bullies roleplayers (MC walmart) as trolls on some type of blacklist in the SG info?
  • megaskullmonmegaskullmon Posts: 313 Arc User
    From what I have learn yes they do.
  • I hear that as well. Though I also hear that there is some bullying going on within that group and people have left because of it. This is what I hear not what I see but the leader is the culprit behind it as well as one of their officers
  • arigosa#3700 arigosa Posts: 2 Arc User
    I'll be as straight forward as I can since I was part of this group. I was hoping to join the group in order to meet new people in the game (since I was new), and hope that I would start off on the right foot forward into what I thought was going to be a great Super Group for me to join. I was met with hatred from some people, and I stupidly kept my mouth shut about it because I didn't think it would matter. The hatred continued while I continued to roleplay in Champions, only to be met with one big problem.

    A player from Task Force Victor and I started talking and we agreed to roleplay (which never happened). Later on, however, things took a big turn when I was asked for nude pictures of myself in exchange for RP. I immediately left the group and decided to leave the game. I was so uncomfortable and felt so disrespected that I could not even trust the people that were leading the group itself, nor any of the officers. To think that they have a player asking for nude pictures from me is enough to say that I am too scared to go back into Champions Online anymore.

    I truly hope that you change, or at least have changed, because I am still scared to go back into Champions Online (Despite my busy life because I work two jobs at the moment). I hope you read through this whole comment, and I hope you know what my experience was as a new player in Champions Online.

    [email protected]
  • angelis96angelis96 Posts: 2 Arc User
    Being one of the officers myself I feel the need to shed a light on a few things regarding that last statement.

    For one, we have never had anyone under the handle of arigosa as a member of TFV. The notion of this story, with that in mind, I can assure you is utterly fabricated. There have never been such accounts within' the SG.

    If such things were to go down proof supporting whom would have done such a thing would have had it instantly taken care of by administration. We do not take such things lightly, after all.

    Although we have had to remove a very slight few people for 'very' inappropriate behavior.

    Such as:
    - Attacking and threatening members of the SG with obscene levels of belligerence.
    - Sexualization and pornification of minors
    - Promotive representation of the KKK
    - Promotive representation of Islamic terrorist groups
    - Obsessive compulsive lying

    among other things. Keep in mind the list of offenders to such things are relatively small. Just several things done by select people. Which answers the question of bullying. More than likely a fabrication from a disgruntled former member that was removed due to said behavior. As you can imagine could easily happen for someone that is upset.

    I myself can easily sympathize with the behavior and the wanting to pursue a vendetta. But, frankly if I were to be honest, it's a fabrication.

    I apologize for any and all inconveniences this puts on the community but I'm afraid to say none of the above is true.

    The only part that is somewhat validated is the notion of MC Walmart, which was the doing of a member not any of the administration and had been dealt with internally.
  • angelis96angelis96 Posts: 2 Arc User
    As an edit it seems as if Arigosa may have been a former member from years ago, before I was a member.

    However, things are being looked into and any proof supporting said notion handed to us will assist in properly dealing with said situation.
  • gentlegiantvexxgentlegiantvexx Posts: 318 Community Moderator
    edited January 2019
    Quite suspicious how the many accounts here are freshly made just to make a post (Or two).
    None of this was reported to the GMs? It's highly encouraged that they should've been notified immediately if something is not right at all.
  • spinnytopspinnytop Posts: 16,450 Arc User
    Why would you be afraid to play Champions Online because of one person in one SG? u3u Like, you could just put that person on ignore, and avoid that SG. I dunno I guess I just don't get RPers.​​
  • johnystelar1johnystelar1 Posts: 67 Arc User
    edited January 2019
    Okay but there's still the question as to do they still ignore innocent genuinely good roleplayers just because they don't like them or some dumb troll website said they were bad, when they're innocent and it's just dumb people putting dirt on others without evidence so people go after them in some sort of vendetta, there was a huge scandal with this SG specifically about having a 'black list' with many @handles of innocent normal roleplayers and even people who dont even rp. I think some of the players may actually be trolls but MANY are just innocent roleplayers who have been randomly lynched in the dumb tumblr website, and then everyone trolled or went after them or simply avoided to rp with them simply for things they did not do, had a friend that (before the fun nullifier existed) he could not go to rp at all in caprice because they labeled him as an alt account for a pedophile erp-er and without any actual proof. because people would spam snowballs, teleport him out of place, troll his rp, whatever they could think of, not to mention the amount of hate pm's he got. this random lynching shenanigan needs to stop. and if this SG is aiding in that with their black list, then that's really not okay.

    and yes agreeing with foxi you should put that person who did that on ignore (If it's true or not, can't confirm or deny) and just keep playing, unlike what most people say, not everyone in club caprice is a rapist.

    also does anyone actually know if any of the accounts commenting are new? or are you just making stuff up to defend yourself, cuz that just throws you under the bus more.
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  • arigosa#3700 arigosa Posts: 2 Arc User
    I do realize the fatal error of my ways, and nothing can change the fact that I made one fatal mistake, and thus my action was pointless. But it is worth pointing out an event that took place, and it is upon the readers to determine if it truly happened or not at this point. Nevertheless, I hope you all are no longer bullying other people and using a 'blacklist' to target others and spread hatred amongst your members

    - Arigosa
  • This account is not freshly made, at all, I have been playing Champions for 3 years, give or take. Just because that was my first post, and it says that I have finally posted after spending that much time under the rocks, it doesn't mean my posts are to be ignored just because you disagree with what I heard. I don't care how irrelevant my posts are, and I never thought I'd make a post or comment ever in the forums, but I think it should be worth noting that I decided to make an exception in this case, because I want my voice to be heard.
  • iraq#7387 iraq Posts: 2 Arc User
    what a fest of drama.
    But ever since then I've been making moves.
  • spinnytopspinnytop Posts: 16,450 Arc User
    Yeah, I get the feeling this might be one of those SGs that has a lot of drama. Just look at their recruiting post!​​
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