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This is severe

naciiitonaciiito Posts: 846 Arc User
Severity as a stat is kind of messy, it DRs fast and if buffed a bit other stat trees would benefit a lot, like REC, and also would make severity valuable to accumulate.​​
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  • colonelwingcolonelwing Posts: 244 Arc User
    As far as i understand you want a severity buff? (sorry, hard to make sense of what you typed) Severity is already powerful or 'valuable' as you call it.. enough, if you spec into it ofc.
  • rtmartma Posts: 1,192 Arc User
    edited January 10
    Last I heard Severity drops into Diminishing Returns HARD! after 120%, but that's multiplicative damage, if anything needs help, how bout making Strength/Ego more valuable for flat, Base damage increase then a 90 pt soft cap eh?
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  • nbkxsnbkxs Posts: 598 Arc User
    it's fine where it is.
  • spinnytopspinnytop Posts: 15,760 Arc User
    Well the OP is a bit difficult to parse but uh... let's break it down.
    naciiito wrote: »
    Severity as a stat is kind of messy, it DRs fast
    naciiito wrote: »
    would make severity valuable to accumulate.

    This doesn't really make sense... I don't see how it's messy and even with how it DRs it's still extremely valuable and basically forms the current dps meta.
    naciiito wrote: »
    if buffed a bit other stat trees would benefit a lot, like REC

    Now here we have something that makes more sense since the suggestion seems to be that adding Severity specs to other Primary SS trees would make them more desirable. Specifically Recovery would be more desirable if the high-energy buff in that spec also gave severity since the primary reason I don't use Rec primary is because Ego primary stacking Recovery will give better crit/sev amounts than the 15% that the Recovery primary buff gives.

    As for adding severity to all the Primary SS specs, I don't think that's really needed as several of them already have really great benefits of their own.​​
  • aiqaaiqa Posts: 2,625 Arc User
    Severity is a stat doesn't have any meaningful DR, but I am assume this is about severity rating. And I do agree the DR on that is a bit strong. Having a few points of severity rating makes a big difference, but you never want more than those few points.

    There are however far bigger issues in CO than the DR on severity rating. An any direct damage stat balance will always just be a mathematical thing where you figure out the optimal distribution.
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