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Redirected Force

lordxanadulordxanadu Posts: 5 Arc User
edited January 2019 in Power Discussion
I made a defense buffer during the anniversary event and for the most part I enjoy playing it. Since the target cap was imposed on Redirected Force, I think a one or two other changes need to be made to fit that cap. I'm going to be referring to event style boss encounters, as that's where I use him.

With the much smaller cap, short of standing practically shoulder to shoulder with the MT, it's nearly impossible to keep the bubble on them. I notice that pets/sigils are part of the target list still. As a minimum fix I think they should be removed from the list unless they are your own. I don't know if that kind of distinction can be made or not.

As a better fix, I would like to see RDF given an advantage to make it targetable. Either as a cone, or a targeted AE I don't know which would be better. If it is targetable, I'd like to see the range made to be 50 instead of 40.

I wasn't going to talk about it's efficacy but I think at least one thing has to be mentioned. If it stays a caster maintained AE, then apparently my role is to protect a small part of the team. But if I have to stop to block an AE like everyone else, and the effect immediately stops, then I'm not actually protecting them from anything at all. It seems to me the effect needs to linger for a second or 2 to do some good at these event fights.

Just my obeservations.

P.S. As a side note, I notice the damage buff is supposed to stack 10 times but it was stacking to 17 on me from time to time.


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