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Maintenance 11/21/2018

kaiserin#0958 kaiserin Posts: 2,277 Cryptic Developer
We will be performing a quick maintenance tomorrow at 7am PST to address an issue.​​


  • spikeydoo422spikeydoo422 Posts: 53 Arc User
    So does this mean that I can't get online until tomorrow? Been trying for an hour to log on and the server keeps timing out. Then when I do get on, the lag is so bad that I sit in one place until I SNR and DC again seconds later. The problem is not on my end either. I was kinda hoping to play at some point tonight.

  • spikeydoo422spikeydoo422 Posts: 53 Arc User
    Now the CO launcher says that the "website is experiencing technical difficulties. Normal gameplay is not affected." Trust me. It's affected.


    Mean Girl
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