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Eclipse and Radion

Simple question: What is the Battle of Detroit Eclipse's real name? The Champions Universe book only provides brief descriptions of the heroes of Detroit, and the in-game information doesn't give her name.

Also, while trying to look-up information about Radion online, I came across the name Gabriel Standish, but the brief bio I read didn't really gel with the in-game information. Are they the same person, or are there multiple Radions like there are muliple Eclipses?


  • bulgarexbulgarex Posts: 1,718 Arc User
    I'm afraid the information in-game in Champions Online, and the summary on Champions Universe p. 85, is all that exists which can be definitively attributed to these two late heroes. In an earlier incarnation of the official Champions Universe, another character named "Gerald Standish" used the code name, "Radion." However, that character has a completely different background and power set from CO's Radion, and the world setting he's part of diverges considerably from the continuity the game uses now, even though a good number of characters have analogues in both worlds. Over the course of the past 37 years, Champions Universe continuity has been rebooted several times as new people took control of the IP.

    It's very unlikely that anything more official will be done with CO's Radion, or this version of Eclipse, for the foreseeable future. So if you want to use either character as background for your own PCs, you should feel free to invent whatever details you need.
  • soundsriskysoundsrisky Posts: 57 Arc User
    Sadly, I expected as much, but thanks anyway. It was mostly needed for creating her wiki page since we have the Crowns of Krim Eclipse in the game as well, and I needed a way to distinguish their article names.
  • bulgarexbulgarex Posts: 1,718 Arc User
    Heck, there's even another official Champions villainess called Eclipse, an analogue for Rogue of the X-Men. Not to mention an extremely powerful darkness-wielding villainess, Eclipsar, which is just Spanish for "eclipse." And the leader of the Boston-based hero team, the New Paladins, goes by Doctor Eclipse. It seems to be a popular motif.
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