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PTS HQ - The channel for organizing PTS testing events.

spinnytopspinnytop Posts: 16,450 Arc User
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Since they keep throwing big team events at us, I made this channel, PTS HQ, for us to use to organize testing events. The primary, and really only use of this channel is to get word out to people that a PTS testing event is taking place. Not really a discussion channel or anything like that, so don't do that in there.

Rules of the channel:

1. Keep it quiet. Strictly business channel. Only chatter related directly to organizing and performing the testing event.
2. If it is found out you don't have pts access you'll be muted.

I'll be having a hair trigger on muting people in this channel for offenses, and I'll instruct any other mods to do the same.

Upcoming events will be listed in this thread.
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