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Tokusatsu SG?

I recently created a Henshin-type hero, and was wondering if there's any SG related to the genre. :)


  • omnilord#8416 omnilord Posts: 348 Arc User
    I'm not sure if there's one fitting your exact genre, but there is a supergroup called the Danger Rangers. They might be able to point you in the right direction if they don't match your tastes exactly.
  • brfabeirasbrfabeiras Posts: 182 Arc User
    I just found a Tokusatsu-themed SG, it's called Henshin United. But thanks for the suggestion, it's always good to know there's more options out there!
  • omnilord#8416 omnilord Posts: 348 Arc User
    That's great, and you're welcome.
  • yinjeighyinjeigh Posts: 225 Arc User
    Rangers Unlimited Rebirth is another!
    @Jeighsun in-game. Feel free to add me!
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