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Reaper's embrace 'new' energy cost is overkill.

colonelwingcolonelwing Posts: 189 Arc User
edited July 2018 in Power Discussion
Why exactly was the energy cost increased? The power had an already (way too) high energy cost before the overhaul and as it currently stands, it's almost impossible to actually use it, unless one stacks an enormous amount of recovery, which is counter productive to dealing damage.

Let me guess, it was tested vs cosmics where aura riders are getting bombarded with energy left and right, am i right? Meanwhile other skills such a TK lance, ego blade bla bla, etc. have no increased energy cost.

Any chance this could get toned down a little?


  • kaizerinkaizerin Posts: 2,124 Cryptic Developer
    edited July 2018
    Energy costs for powers are calculated based on the effects they have. The power had its activation times changed and a new effect added onto it where it could apply bleeds, so the cost went up. If the cost was to be lowered, it would need to lose something.​​
  • spinnytopspinnytop Posts: 15,308 Arc User
    Considering that RE is now a nuclear bomb attached to a sword ( with fallout and everything ), the cost makes sense.​​
  • colonelwingcolonelwing Posts: 189 Arc User
    Nevermind, i made it work. I'm still not a big fan of the 1 sec cooldown, because i cannot use reaper's embrace as effectively as before the update anymore.. but i guess i will have to live with it and adapt accordingly.

    However, i'd still like to suggest something:
    Can the 1 sec cooldown be removed from the standard version of reaper's embrace, so that only when you take no mercy you get locked out of tapping the skill shortly after doing a full charge (usual pvp playstyle btw). Compared to before the overhaul, i actually lost a ton of damage instead of gaining damage, over the cooldown obviously.

    Thanks for reading.
  • Cooldown is there cuz there was a glitch where if you tapped RE after a full charge it would rupture twice even with no bleeds,
    However It kinda sucks cuz you cant spam the attack now
    But this game has a lot of issues and the code is messy so im guessing they coudnt figure out how to fix that glitch and put the 1 sec cooldown to prevent people from doing it instead.
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