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Dragon Age/ CO lore

Hey there!

I know the titles seems very different, but I am a big fan of the knights/paladinish feel in Dragon Age. I know a little about the realms, but are there any connections between paladins/knights to CO lore?


  • bulgarexbulgarex Posts: 1,538 Arc User
    I'm guessing you already looked at the thread on this sub-forum dealing with Arthurian myth in the setting: https://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/championsonline/#/discussion/1211406/british-arthurian-legend-lore-in-cu

    Faerie, aka the Land of Legends, is a dimension spawned out of human imagination and belief in myth and folklore. That also includes many generations of fairy tales, featuring brave knights, beautiful princesses, and evil sorceress queens; as well as swashbucklers such as Robin Hood and Zorro. In fact a member of the renowned Sentinels superhero team, calling himself Bravo, is just such a swashbuckler, a human native of Faerie come to adventure on Earth. His greatest enemy is Brangomar, also called the Shadow Queen, who rules a land in Faerie known as the Shadow Realm. Brangomar is very much in the vein of Disney villainesses such as Maleficent, and the queen in Snow White. (The animated movie versions, not the live-action movie/TV stuff.)

    If you care to go back in time, the D&D-esque Turakian Age (from which era of prehistoric Earth Takofanes hails) was dominated by pseudo-medieval societies with numerous orders of knighthood, and paladins serving benevolent gods; battling all manner of orcs, trolls, dragons, giants, undead, and other "monsters," human and non. As TA was an era of often-potent magic and occasional divine intervention, it wouldn't be hard to justify one of those champions being displaced to modern day.

    The Shadow Queen is detailed in Champions Villains Vol. 1: Master Villains, as well as Champions Universe: News Of The World, which also contains the full write-up for Bravo and the other Sentinels. The Turakian Age is a voluminous source book dedicated to, well, that.

  • markhawkmanmarkhawkman Posts: 4,443 Arc User
    O_o' this makes me have an idea.... Tako summoning a skeletal dragon.
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  • bulgarexbulgarex Posts: 1,538 Arc User
    edited July 2018
    It's within Takofanes' necromantic power to reanimate a dragon; one of his modern past rampages involved animating all the dinosaur fossils in a museum. Dragons continue to exist today, albeit almost all within Faerie. In fact, few people even in Faerie are aware that the aforementioned Shadow Queen is actually a dragon. Brangomar uses magic to spend most of her time in the form of a beautiful woman, to more easily interact with her subjects and enjoy the comforts of her palace.

    Note that per his PnP write-up, Tak can't just whip up a skeletal dragon out of thin air, or any other undead for that matter. He has to have some type of corpse in his vicinity, and the more powerful the undead, the longer it takes to raise. OTOH he has a lot of real estate in pocket dimensions where he keeps many servants, so opening a portal to one of them to allow a premade undead dragon to emerge would amount to the same thing.
  • shadowfang240shadowfang240 Posts: 1,347 Arc User
    bulgarex wrote: »
    His greatest enemy is Brangomar, also called the Shadow Queen, who rules a land in Faerie known as the Shadow Realm.



    no relation or similarities to yu-gi-oh's shadow realm, right?​​
  • bulgarexbulgarex Posts: 1,538 Arc User
    Nope. The CU Shadow Realm is essentially a fantasy version of a medieval kingdom, ruled by a tyrannical sorceress-queen.

    Brangomar sometimes hires Earthly supervillains as her agents. She pays very well, but is lethally unforgiving of failure. She prefers mystic villains who match her style and motif, e.g. the Black Paladin.
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