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How much CON for a character without a CON stat



  • kamokamikamokami Posts: 1,623 Arc User
    hasukurobi wrote: »
    kamokami you are correct BUT there is more to surviving some content than just blocking a big hit.
    I never claimed that's all there was to surviving "some content".
    hasukurobi wrote: »
    When you have dots all over or 50 things attacking you all at once your block will not help you.
    When I have 50 things attacking me blocking helps me all the time. A lot.
    hasukurobi wrote: »
    In the end you need to be free to kill what is killing you and that requires more HP or more potent fast heals.
    You can also block and wait for your active defenses to be available or block and wait until your heals are available or block and wait until your spike damage is available to kill everything fast or block and run out of range or out of line of sight or......a bunch of stuff.

    There are many ways to solve the problem of "50 things attacking me". Pick your favorite applicable combination of:
    - more HP
    - killing things fast
    - teammates
    - great heals
    - high general resistance levels
    - crowd control: knocks, holds
    - range: moving out of range of melee attacks, long charges, or 50ft attacks which generally hit harder
    - line of sight: moving in and out of line of sight to attack when it's most advantageous to you
    - a ranked block

    And yeah ranked block is still in there because it still helps. Sometimes more, sometimes less...just like anything else on that list.
    hasukurobi wrote: »
    So it does really depend on what all they want this character to take on

    It's easy to come up with situations where more hp and more heals are not helpful. Just like it's easy to come up with situations where higher ranked block is not helpful. In the end, unless you are specific about what content you're discussing everyone can just say, "it depends" which is as correct as it is useless.
  • monaahirumonaahiru Posts: 3,073 Arc User
    Epidemic / Pestilence / Ebon Void R3 with [Voltanic Potential] device. We have noching to think about. You can be BAKA except for Kiga and Ape. o3o
  • markhawkmanmarkhawkman Posts: 4,842 Arc User
    nbkxs wrote: »
    I usually aim for 10.5k hp on my DPS characters, and trying to squeeze that in while still doing at least 5.5k dps on the test dummies. Sometimes this takes less con, (END, and INT primary specs allow you to reach this level without as much con, or any con at all in the case of END). I prefer not to rank my block if I can help it, those points are much better spent some place else. And block canceling if a good way to keep your dmg up(Blocking the status effect, but eating the dmg, or; if you time it right, you can avoid the damage all together in some cases.)
    This takes a lot of practice and skill, but it works. Block early to avoid status effects, then late to avoid damage.
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