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Can I change Power Colors on a Freeform slot obtained while Silver? Or only Gold?

If I bought or received a FF slot for free(back in 2015 I think) while being a silver account can I change the color of it's powers if I became a Gold member? Or can I only change the power colors on a FF slot obtained during a gold subscription? I've heard that silver Freeforms, even after subbing can't change their power color and would have to buy a new FF slot while subbed to make use of this feature. I couldn't find any answers on the forum yet and just want to confirm this before subbing.(or buying the premium pack if it comes out) Thanks.

Best Answers

  • pantagruel01pantagruel01 Posts: 6,552 Arc User
    Accepted Answer
    While gold you can change the color of powers, but there's a bug that prevents the box for changing the color of all powers from showing up (unless it's been fixed), you have to use the /powerhue command.
  • roughbearmattachroughbearmattach Posts: 4,784 Arc User
    Accepted Answer
    To clarify, you will be able to change each power on its own--you simply will be missing the [color all powers at once] button.

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