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"Biotic Grasp" like powers in CO?

crynetingcryneting Posts: 2,431 Arc User
edited April 2018 in Power Discussion
Hey guys, so been looking at Moira from Overwtach and her powers really do remind me of the Celestial and Darkness powers from the mystical trees, but is there any powers that are like a conscious beam?, like she has?.

And some orb like powers?, etc

Just wonderin


  • deadman20deadman20 Posts: 1,528 Arc User
    For Moira's main attack, Lifedrain is a good replica. For her primary heal, which is an AoE... the closest ability is Arcane Vitality. Just keep in mind that AV isn't mobile, none of the heals are in CO. As for Moira's Orbs, those are a bit more of a stretch. Ebon Rift may be the closest you can get to the damage version. For Moira's Healing Orb, I'd say maybe Nova Flare. We don't have anything to replicate her Coalescence Ultimate... though such a thing would be amazing for a Celestial Ultimate later down the line should the devs decide to peek in here.​​
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  • crynetingcryneting Posts: 2,431 Arc User
    Cheers deadman

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