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Lifetime and Character Slots

trinityrose71trinityrose71 Posts: 1 Arc User
Hello, world, I just had a quick question about buying more Character Slots as an LT.
I haven't bought any more slots since I got my LT, about a year ago, but I'm finally starting to run short, but my alt-aholism is still going strong. I know that you get more slots for leveling characters to 40, but I work a lot, and don't have time to grind that much. I was just wondering, if I were to buy more slots on the Z-Store (i.e. the Character Slot (2) for 1,400 Z) would they be Gold Freeform slots, or just Archetype slots?
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  • themightyzeniththemightyzenith Posts: 4,599 Arc User
    As you have an LTS account, you will be able to use either FF or ATs for the slots you buy. You have absolute freedom with them :)
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  • deadman20deadman20 Posts: 1,531 Arc User
    All slots purchased follow suit with your current subscription status (save for the Freeform slots, which are considered "Special" and usable both ways). Since you're LTS, they'll all be Gold slots and customizable however you wish, whether it be freeform or AT.​​
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  • guyhumualguyhumual Posts: 2,350 Arc User
    I bought a bunch of slots before finally realizing that a lifetime subscription would actually save me money. Since going LTS I haven't been forced to play a archetype unless I wanted to.
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