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Return of the Justice Girls

Who are we:

The JGs is a Female themed super group. You don't have to be a female in real life to join us. You just need a female character. We don't discriminate gender.

What we do:
  • supports each other by helping with leveling up, running quests, and help in experiencing content.
  • helps our sisters with understanding the workings of the game so that they may better enjoy and get the most out of their character build.
  • provides a fun atmosphere to game in and socialize.
  • engage in light to heavy Roleplaying
  • is a mature minded Super Group.
What we don't do:
  • We do not harass, troll, flame or harshly criticize our members.
  • We are not a den for ERP (Erotic Role Playing).
  • We do not discriminate other players.
If you are interested in joining our sisterhood:


  • iamruneiamrune Posts: 964 Arc User
    Oh man, this brings back [good] memories.

    I was a Justice Girl on Virtue back in the day.

    The Wings of Freedom. Sort of a mash-up Captain America / Hawkgirl heroine, with a modern reality Television spin.

    It's really cool to see the JG back! If you want allies and partners in a locally established RP SG, hit me up,. I lead the Silver Age Sentinels and family of super groups.
  • zwipezantherzwipezanther Posts: 105 Arc User
    This SG sounds like fun. I just sent @hoosty an in-game email. I hope my female toon can join your ranks!
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