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Protectors of the World and Progeny are recruiting!

Do you aspire to create and play a true super hero? Do you enjoy crafting stories with others and wish to be part of a team environment? Well, we may be the team(s) you are looking for! Both the Progeny (think RUNAWAYS/ TEEN TITANS/ YOUNG AVENGERS) and the Protectors of the World (think AVENGERS/ JLA) are currently seeking a few new members to join their ranks!

We are looking for very solid concept characters with an emphasis on actual capes and tights super heroes. While we appreciate your dark elf assassin and three thousand old lich, what we are seeking is more aligned with characters like Captain America, Black Panther, Aquaman, Cyborg, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, The Wasp, etc etc. We are also not seeking characters who are decidedly OP. Low to medium (Progeny) and medium to high (Protectors) power levels are encouraged. This allows the team to function as a team, where everyone can play a part and have a story to tell without overshadowing others. Teams should be about teamwork and camaraderie, and its been an important part of our in game 'Protectorsverse' for the past 4+ years.

If you are interested, please hit me up on here via PM or send me mail in game: @pallas001!


  • khaellioskhaellios Posts: 12 Arc User
    In case it was not yet completely obvious from the original post, this is indeed a supergroup with a strong focus on roleplaying.

    As a long-standing member with a character in both teams, I highly recommend checking these groups out if casual RP supergroups and classic superhero shenanigans are your jam. You can learn more about the teams and its characters over on the PRIMUS Database.
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  • theravenforcetheravenforce Posts: 6,962 Arc User
    I have always been quietly interested in Protectors of the World as an SG.

    What time zone(s) do you guys tend to operate in / with? (I ask as I am in the UK, mostly free on weekends and the odd weekday)
  • khaellioskhaellios Posts: 12 Arc User
    With there being only 2-3 European players on each team, the event times are largely based around the US time zones.
    Event starting times usually vary from anywhere between 9AM ST to 5PM ST. Weekends are popular for running events.
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  • brfabeirasbrfabeiras Posts: 182 Arc User

    I'm a relatively old player (started when the game went f2p), returning after a 2 year gap. I don't have much RP experience to be honest, but I'm sure interested on it.

    That's my current hero: http://www.primusdatabase.com/index.php?title=Endgame
    His background story is a work in progress, I'm tweaking some things to make it more interesting and consistent. Also learning how to customize my PD page.

    I'm from Brazil, and play mostly at weekends, I think the timezone won't be much of a problem. I'm not fluent at english, but I have no problems to keep a conversation going (in or out of character). I might commit some typos or grammar errors sometimes, but nothing much annoying.
  • khaellioskhaellios Posts: 12 Arc User
    edited January 2018

    If you are interested, please hit me up on here via PM or send me mail in game: @pallas001!

    Please send a forum PM or in-game mail to @pallas001 if you are interested in either team/SG.
    Otherwise it might go unnoticed or simply take ages before anyone notices and gets back to you.

    I seldom check this forum either. I only did so these past few days knowing there might be replies.

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  • zzazzzaz Posts: 2 New User
    Is this group still active? I'd seriously be interested! I'll try and send a reply next time im on!
  • pallas0001pallas0001 Posts: 157 Arc User
    edited March 2018
    Both teams are very active.

    Progeny is not recruiting - Protectors is.

  • zzazzzaz Posts: 2 New User
    > @pallas0001 said:
    > Both teams are very active.
    > Progeny is not recruiting - Protectors is.

    Can I reach you somehow outside of the game? I'll try and see if you're online, but it'd be easier if I could message you on discord or something.
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