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CC vs Holds?

nytronenytrone Posts: 14 Arc User
What's the difference between Crowd Control Resistance and Hold Resistance?


  • theravenforcetheravenforce Posts: 6,725 Arc User
    edited March 2018
    nytrone said:

    What's the difference between Crowd Control Resistance and Hold Resistance?

    In short? Wording.

    Crowd Control Resistance could be seen as referring to all forms of Resistance which affect your character in terms of disrupting movement (slowing), knocks, and general 'real' crowd control (Sleeps, Stuns, Paralyzes Roots & Incapacitates).

    Crowd Control Resistance is also referred to on Presence, which, when tested...doesn't actually appear to DO anything. (It may be an old stat from back when Presence was useful for tanking or something)

    ^ In game, it doesn't quite work that way. Nothing, to my knowledge, counters movement debuffs like Chill aside from certain specs (which may actually only affect Snares).

    On the other hand:

    Hold resistance - is a buff granted by certain crowd control effects to targets once they break out of the hold. (This buff applies to: Paralyzes, Incapacitates, Sleep and Stuns)

    Each hold that ends while the hold resist buff is on a target refreshes the previous buffs and adds a new one. This means that stacking holds such as a paralyze on another paralyze does not help but actually can make it easier to break out.

    The hold resistance buff that appears after a target has been paralyzes, incapacitated, forced to sleep or stunned gives +100% hold resist. +100% hold resistance removes 50% strength from a hold, decreasing it's duration.

    After 3 stacks of the hold resist buff on the target, the target is immune to all holds and stuns until the hold resist stacks time out. The hold resist buff lasts 15 seconds.

    Powers such as Circle of Primal Dominion reduce hold resistance allowing the hold to have a potentially longer duration. This is because it reduces your normal hold resistance making the hold longer.

    Confuses, Placates, some Snares and Roots have their own resistances which usually prevent a target from being affected by the control effect after one stack although this is not a consistent feature.

    Hold Resistance is also referred to on Ego, which, does actually help towards breaking out of holds manually and sometimes automatically if you time things correctly, however, this effect is not hugely significant.

    Note: Hold Resistance is also referred to in Blocking, this is because when blocking it applies a -1 (IIRC) to Holds which hit you, which generally (there are some exceptions) allow you to continue moving whilst blocking and 'reduce' the duration of the hold (if the hold is keyed that way).


    Basically, Hold resistance is all you really need to be looking at. Mod / Gearing wise, it is labelled as "Crowd Control Resistance"

    It would be a lot neater if everything CC based which wasn't a knock or a movement debuff, fell under "Hold Resistance", but that's one of the things that needs to be straightened out, along with the actual Crowd Control system.
  • pantagruel01pantagruel01 Posts: 6,808 Arc User
    nytrone said:

    What's the difference between Crowd Control Resistance and Hold Resistance?

    CC resistance also applies to roots and confuses.
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