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What would be a good background story for 3 unarmed martial art heroes with dragon-like appearence?

criswolf09criswolf09 Posts: 682 Arc User
According to a post from the esteemed @bulgarex, here in the forums answering a question in my Anthropomorphi characters post, I created three heroes with dragon like costumes, my idea is that they ARE dragons from the asiatic continent, but please take a look at this:

"This depends somewhat on one's definition of "dragon." There are certainly true dragons who interact with the present-day Champions Universe, both of the Western tradition (winged and fire-breathing), and the Oriental (wingless, masters of the air and water). Some of them use magic to take a human form, partly or wholly. As I mentioned previously, the Lemurians' natural appearance is reptilian, but there can be significant variations among them. One Lemurian cast out from Lemuria as an infant developed the power to shape-shift to resemble a huge Oriental dragon, and served Japan during WW II under the name "Bakemono." He's written up in Golden Age Champions."

The legacy of dragons on Champs Earth goes back many millennia earlier than recorded history. During the Turakian Age (the era of Takofanes' origin), one reptilian race calling themselves the Drakine claimed to be descended from dragons. Here's an illustration of a Drakine, taken from The Turakian Age source book: https://grulls-companions.obsidianportal.com/

"While non-human sapient species are rare on present-day Champions Earth, in the ancient past they were far more numerous and diverse. The history of civilization on CU Earth is many millennia older than on real Earth, although most modern scientists don't know that. During the "Turakian Age" (the era when Takofanes originated), quite a few animal-like races existed, including Drakine (dragon-men), Erqigdlit (dog-men), Kallicantzari (goat-men), Mantasi and Myrmex (mantis- and ant-men respectively), Pakasa (cat-men), Ran-tari (frog-men), Seshurma (lizard-men), Sharthak (shark-men), Uthosa (fish-men), and Vulchine (winged vulture-men)".

This small extract comes from championsonlineroleplayers.shivtr.com/forum_threads/2832359 written by bulgarex as mentioned earlier so... which is for popular opinion a good story?

What would be a good background story for 3 unarmed martial art heroes with dragon-like appearence? 4 votes

Turakian reptilian creatures that went into slumber and awakened in modern times
25% 1 vote
Magically created creatures coming from an ancient asiatic artifact
25% 1 vote
Created by VIPER's scientists
0% 0 votes
Other please detail in your post?
50% 2 votes
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  • markhawkmanmarkhawkman Posts: 4,906 Arc User
    I was thinking maybe 3 separate origins? I mean the TMNT have a single origin, but hero teams don't have to. Maybe have the Turakian guy put together the group as a side-effect of looking for more of his kind? He find these guys and gets to know them because he's lonely, but they aren't actually his people.
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  • bulgarexbulgarex Posts: 2,106 Arc User
    edited March 2018
    Well, this was unexpected. Kind of flattering, too. :3

    VIPER is always good for experiments creating reptilian-themed supers -- it's a minor obsession of theirs. VIPER's deadly Takara-Shinja martial-arts assassins could certainly train them.

    Lore-wise, Drakine from the Turakian Age are harder to justify for this particular concept. Martial arts as moderns define them weren't a major part of the Turakian world, and not really a component of Drakine culture. Such arts did exist, in one more "Oriental" region, but it will take a bit of juggling to connect them to the Drakine. It can be done, though, if desired enough.

    However, when you stated that you want martial artists who "are dragons from the Asiatic continent," a rather wild but well lore-grounded idea sprang into my mind. I'm not assuming you'd want to use it, but I'll spell it out here should you be interested.

    You might have read on my Unique Character Origins thread (I really need to update that) about the ancient city of Shamballah, repository of the greatest martial arts secrets, hidden beneath the Himalayas; and its evil counterpart, Agharti. (See "Martial-Arts Temples" on the aforelinked thread.) The entrance to Agharti is guarded by an Oriental dragon named Gulong. Gulong was originally placed there to help prevent the Dark Monks of Agharti from escaping to the surface, but he has long since been corrupted by the powerful aura of evil radiating from Agharti. Strong and evil visitors to the city he welcomes, but those of good heart who seek to pass him he destroys if he can. (Preceding summarized from the book, Hidden Lands.)

    What I'm thinking is that years ago, a young Shamballahn woman wandered too close to Gulong's lair and was raped by the dragon. In time she gave birth to the product of that union, three half-human, half-dragon offspring. They were raised in Shamballah and trained in martial arts, but due to their heritage and appearance were always treated as outsiders. So one day they decided to leave the city and seek a place in the outside world.

    The mountain containing Shamballah and Agharti is in fact Everest; so it wasn't too long before the demi-dragons came across a mountain-climbing party from (your preferred nationality) who were in serious trouble. The Shamballahn expats saved them, and in gratitude the climbers agreed to take them back to their country.

    IMHO there are several role-playing advantages to this concept. The climbers provide a method to get the demi-dragons to the location you want to base them from, as well as guides and support in their new life. You get to play "fish out of water" stories as the characters adapt to this very different world. You can have them not only improve their martial arts skills, but discover powers from their draconic heritage (not necessarily the same for all of them). Heck, if you want to make the precedents even more obvious, they could be teenagers. :p
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