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Champions Africa?

I seem to vaguely recall a "Champions Africa" source book, but can't seem to find it referenced anywhere. Perhaps I was thinking of another franchise. I do recall a character from the book named "Ogun" who was a techno-path who also had the power to control metal.

Does anyone else remember this?
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  • bulgarexbulgarex Posts: 2,104 Arc User
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    While there's no dedicated source book for Africa in the Champions Universe, the continent is covered in fair detail in Champions Worldwide, which surveys all of Champions Earth outside of the United States, Canada, the British Isles, and various "hidden lands." Ogun is fully written up there, along with several other Africa-based heroes and villains. Africa and other global regions are also briefly discussed in Champions Universe.

    The exceptions to that survey are dealt with in other books (the British Isles were intended to appear in their own source book, but that was never published).
  • bulgarexbulgarex Posts: 2,104 Arc User
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    There are a few other things unique to Champions Africa. For starters, it has two countries which don't exist in the real world.

    Lugendu: On the West Coast of Africa, wedged in between Nigeria and Cameroon, lies the small country of Lugendu. Lugendu has suffered several violent revolutions in the decades since it achieved independence from France. In 1995, another bloody coup brought Joseph Otanga, then a general of the army, to power. After appointing himself President-For-Life he’s ruled ever since, in part thanks to the support of several major international oil companies (Lugendu’s blessed with large offshore petroleum deposits). In the inland jungles several tribes remain opposed to his rule.

    Lugendu has become an oppressive place, which Otanga controls with an iron fist. Natives who dare to speak of such things claim Otanga possesses dark powers of sorcery that he uses on anyone he suspects of plotting against him. The fact that many people who speak out against or oppose him simply “disappear” without leaving a single clue as to what happened to them only fuels these whispers. Some Lugendans even believe he has superhuman powers. Outsiders scoff at these stories as mere superstition, noting how easy it would be for a man in power to make his enemies “disappear” through mundane means like bullets and shallow jungle graves. But most of Otanga’s subjects are deathly afraid of him and wouldn’t think of turning against him.

    From his luxurious palace in the capital of Nahambane, Joseph Otanga has worked for years to extend his power. According to Interpol and UNTIL, he’s established networks of criminal gangs and spies throughout western Africa. He uses them to funnel drugs, conflict diamonds, slaves, and anything else of value through Lugendu. Between this and his methodical looting of the Lugendan treasury, Otanga is thought to be a billionaire already, and his fortune is still growing.

    Joseph Otanga, President of Lugendu, is not the simple despot he seems. His terrified subjects are correct when they say he possesses mystical powers. When he performs blood sacrifices at a strange altar deep in the jungle, an altar known only to him, he gains the power to assume animal forms (even forms mixing the attributes of several beasts), or to transform anyone he wishes into an animal. It is by these methods -- sacrifice or transformation -- that he disposes of anyone he even suspects of harboring harmful intent toward him.

    Otanga has transferred much of his own ill-gotten wealth out of the country. He's invested a generous chunk of it with companies in Millennium City, since he believes in the long-term value of tech stocks. Otanga has become a significant stockholder in several of the city's small, cutting-edge companies, usually through various proxies and without the companies' knowledge. What he plans to do if he gains majority ownership in these companies remains unknown.

    While Otanga dominates Lugendu, the criminal occult organization DEMON also has a presence there. They maintain a Demonhame in Lugendu, under the cover of the Good Samaritan Mission, which is one of DEMON's hubs for slave-trading, by which the organization acquires many of the human sacrifices it needs for its rituals.

    Lurranga: This African nation occupies a long narrow stretch of territory sandwiched between the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Very little has been revealed about Lurranga in any official Champions source, or is likely to be in the foreseeable future. While few hooks are given on which Champs players can hang their creative hats, this does give them freedom to invent details about the country to work into character back stories and adventure plots.

    What has been revealed is that Lurranga is known to be heavily involved in the drug trade and other forms of transnational crime, and sometimes thus attracts the attention of foreign supers. The Vice President of Lurranga is secretly an informant in the pay of Dr. Destroyer, although probably not knowingly -- Destroyer's agents lead most of his informants to believe they're providing assistance to organized crime, rival nations, or the like.
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  • bulgarexbulgarex Posts: 2,104 Arc User
    In 1796 a radioactive meteor fell to Earth in the Congo. Its rays mutated a small tribe of gorillas, granting them human-level intelligence and the ability to speak. (Because what's a comic-book world without talking gorillas?) ;) The tribe withdrew into a deep cave complex to avoid contact with humans, and began building a civilization of their own.

    Today, under their near-immortal, superhumanly strong ruler, King Simianus, this Kingdom of the Apes numbers nearly 2,000. They've progressed to smelting iron ore and utilizing diamonds for tools and weapons. Due to memories of past predation, and environmental exploitation near their caves, the apes hate and avoid humans. But population pressures have forced them to the surface more and more often, and the apes fear that discovery by and confrontation with humans is inevitable.

    (Preceding summarized from Champions Universe: News Of The World p. 155.)
  • riveroceanriverocean Posts: 1,685 Arc User
    Thanks Bulgarex!!!
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  • bulgarexbulgarex Posts: 2,104 Arc User
    Unknown to outsiders, VIPER's World Headquarters lies inside and beneath the Mbang Mountains, in Cameroon, West Africa. With such a strong presence there, it's no surprise VIPER exerts a powerful influence over Sub-Saharan Africa, taking advantage of the instability in the region. The base is also not far from the hidden cave residence of the serpent-god Nama, VIPER's patron.
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