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Add Destroyer's Boots to Eido's Loot Drops

doctorevilfacedoctorevilface Posts: 86 Arc User
edited November 2017 in Suggestions Box
I am sure I'm going to get a lot of crap for this, but please understand that this is more of a consistency issue than anything.

As the title suggests, I would like to see Shadow Destroyer's boots added to Eidolon's loot drops. The reason for this is, both versions of Destroyer share the same gloves/boots models, and while the former is available as a drop or rec store purchase, the latter is not. As such, Eidolon's set is technically incomplete.

I made a similar post about Destroyer's costume awhile back, and while I would still like to see it restored to Nemcon, I think at least adding his boots to Eido's drops would be more realistic.
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