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Bloodmoon target binds

aiqaaiqa Posts: 2,625 Arc User
Since targeting in bloodmoon can be a bit of a pain, I made some binds that I thought I'd share.
I wanted 2 binds, 1 that targets the boss you're fighting, and 1 cycles through all heroes in the Takofanes fight.

First thing needed is setting up a "\Live\localdata\CommandAliases.txt" file (inspired by the rainbow powers) with these aliases.
alias TAG "alias CBM TEc $$ Target Amazing Grace"
alias TEc "alias CBM TCr $$ Target Eclipse"
alias TCr "alias CBM TFf $$ Target Crusher"
alias TFf "alias CBM TFl $$ Target Firefight"
alias TFl "alias CBM TGo $$ Target Flechette"
alias TGo "alias CBM TJH $$ Target Goblin"
alias TJH "alias CBM TNi $$ Target Johnny Hercules"
alias TNi "alias CBM TTi $$ Target Nimbus"
alias TTi "alias CBM TRa $$ Target Tiger"
alias TRa "alias CBM TSh $$ Target Radion"
alias TSh "alias CBM TVa $$ Target Shadowboxer"
alias TVa "alias CBM TVi $$ Target Vanguard"
alias TVi "alias CBM TAG $$ Target Vigil"
alias CBM TAG
alias TTa "target Takofanes"
Then there are 2 binds to use those aliases.

First one targets which ever hero is in range, ending with Takofanes so that he always has priority.
/bind "TAG $$ TEc $$ TCr $$ TFf $$ TFl $$ TGo $$ TJH $$ TNi $$ TTi $$ TRa $$ TSh $$ TVa $$ TVi $$ TTa"

Then the bind to cycle through the heroes on the Takofanes fight.
/bind CBM


  • aiqaaiqa Posts: 2,625 Arc User
    edited November 2017
    After testing I thought I could improve things a bit more.
    So, now the idea has changed to this....

    target_BMHeroes_Takofanes_Doomlord = target bosses AND on Tako fight switch between Tako and Doomlord (intended for dps)
    target_next_BMHeroes = Cycle forward through BM heroes (intended for healing)
    target_previous_BMHeroes = Cycle backward through BM heroes (intended for healing)

    alias TAG "Target Amazing Grace"
    alias TEc "Target Eclipse"
    alias TCr "Target Crusher"
    alias TFf "Target Firefight"
    alias TFl "Target Flechette"
    alias TGo "Target Goblin"
    alias TJH "Target Johnny Hercules"
    alias TNi "Target Nimbus"
    alias TTi "Target Tiger"
    alias TRa "Target Radion"
    alias TSh "Target Shadowboxer"
    alias TVa "Target Vanguard"
    alias TVi "Target Vigil"
    alias TTa "Target Takofanes"
    alias TTD "Target Turakian Doomlord"
    alias CAG "alias CBM CEc $$ alias rCBM rCEc $$ TAG"
    alias CEc "alias CBM CCr $$ alias rCBM rCCr $$ TEc"
    alias CCr "alias CBM CFf $$ alias rCBM rCFf $$ TCr"
    alias CFf "alias CBM CFl $$ alias rCBM rCFl $$ TFf"
    alias CFl "alias CBM CGo $$ alias rCBM rCGo $$ TFl"
    alias CGo "alias CBM CJH $$ alias rCBM rCJH $$ TGo"
    alias CJH "alias CBM CNi $$ alias rCBM rCNi $$ TJH"
    alias CNi "alias CBM CTi $$ alias rCBM rCTi $$ TNi"
    alias CTi "alias CBM CRa $$ alias rCBM rCRa $$ TTi"
    alias CRa "alias CBM CSh $$ alias rCBM rCSh $$ TRa"
    alias CSh "alias CBM CVa $$ alias rCBM rCVa $$ TSh"
    alias CVa "alias CBM CVi $$ alias rCBM rCVi $$ TVa"
    alias CVi "alias CBM CAG $$ alias rCBM rCAG $$ TVi"
    alias CBM CAG
    alias rCCr "alias rCBM rCEc $$ alias CBM CEc $$ TAG"
    alias rCFf "alias rCBM rCCr $$ alias CBM CCr $$ TEc"
    alias rCFl "alias rCBM rCFf $$ alias CBM CFf $$ TCr"
    alias rCGo "alias rCBM rCFl $$ alias CBM CFl $$ TFf"
    alias rCJH "alias rCBM rCGo $$ alias CBM CGo $$ TFl"
    alias rCNi "alias rCBM rCJH $$ alias CBM CJH $$ TGo"
    alias rCTi "alias rCBM rCNi $$ alias CBM CNi $$ TJH"
    alias rCRa "alias rCBM rCTi $$ alias CBM CTi $$ TNi"
    alias rCSh "alias rCBM rCRa $$ alias CBM CRa $$ TTi"
    alias rCVa "alias rCBM rCSh $$ alias CBM CSh $$ TRa"
    alias rCVi "alias rCBM rCVa $$ alias CBM CVa $$ TSh"
    alias rCAG "alias rCBM rCVi $$ alias CBM CVi $$ TVa"
    alias rCEc "alias rCBM rCAG $$ alias CBM CAG $$ TVi"
    alias rCBM rCAG
    alias CTa "alias CTT CTD $$ TTa"
    alias CTD "alias CTT CTa $$ TTD"
    alias CTT CTa
    alias target_BMHeroes_Takofanes_Doomlord "TAG $$ TEc $$ TCr $$ TFf $$ TFl $$ TGo $$ TJH $$ TNi $$ TTi $$ TRa $$ TSh $$ TVa $$ TVi $$ TTD $$ TTa $$ CTT"
    alias target_next_BMHeroes "CBM"
    alias target_previous_BMHeroes "rCBM"
    Bug: For some reason I need to press the forward or backward bind twice on Goblin, no idea why.
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  • markhawkmanmarkhawkman Posts: 4,714 Arc User
    I'd just bind target Doomlord. I don't feel as much need to manually target the others.
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