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Cybermind: The Gorilla Room and Disconnection

qawsadaqawsada Posts: 714 Arc User
As you may all know, one of the most annoying aspect of this alert comes with disconnection within the alert and being ported out into the Gorilla Room with no way of coming back. This should have been fix a long time ago by having the player go to the teleporter in the Gorilla room and go right back into cyberspace.


  • avianosavianos Posts: 5,556 Arc User
    Excuse me, his name is Dr.Silverback and he is a very beutiful Gorilla scientist ( U.U)

    Jokes aside this is yet one major problem with the alert, the Map structure and the spawn points​​
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  • and another major problem being with the firewalls (and another one resulting from a bug), namely being they aren't flagged as actual ENEMIES despite being hostile, so using an EB results in...1pxgsy.jpg

    and then there's the bug where using certain CC renders the wall immortal​​
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  • pwestolemynamepwestolemyname Posts: 978 Arc User
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