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1 Feb 2017, Murder Myster CC, Bio, and Mystery Solving Party

On Feb 1 2017 at 8pm server time in the Millennium City Power House Theater the Defenders of the Galaxy will be hosting a Murder Mystery Party.

This party wil consist of the following contests:
  • A costume contest
  • A bio contest
  • And a mystery solving contest.
As usual we will have lots of prizes including Keys, Globals, and who knows what else.

This event will be centered around a murder mystery. A rather wealthy person has been murdered and we have reason to believe that one you are possibly the murderer as you had some close tie to the victim. How you knew them is up to you. If you are looking for inspiration I suggest something like characters in the game Clue.

The Costume Contest
For the Costume Comtest there will be 3 categories. These categories are:
  1. Hired Help: people that worked for the victim. This can be anything from staff (maids, butler, chauffeur, gardener, personal assistant) to people hired occasionally for other services (plumber, pool boy, tennis instructor, etc)
  2. Relatives: close or distant? Possibly inheriting money or revenge for a slight.
  3. Peers and Rivals: people that ran in the same circles as the victim that have affluence, influence, or both. Examples could be Business rival or partner (or former partner), someone from the same country club, a jilted lover, a big game hunter, etc.)
Make a costume that fits this. Since this is a superhero world, it would not be unheard of for some of these people to be animals, robots aliens, etc.

Bio contest
You do not have to have a bio to be eligible for the other parts of the event.
But to be eligible for this bio contest you must have a bio for your character that fits this contest. To do that it should explain how you knew the deceased, hint at a motivation and possible weapon to be used.
To make it easier on you and to open up some possibilities the deceased is very fluid in construction. The only details I will give you about the deceased are:
  • They had money (inherited? Self made millionaire?)
  • At some point in their life they were a celebrity. (Were they a performer? Were they famous for being rich?)
  • There last name is Jones (was it always jones?)
  • They are an adult.
  • They have been murdered.
I leave all other details for you to fill in as you like. They can be male or female with whatever sexual orientation you think fits. They can have a secret. They can have worked in any field. I hope you come up with something good.

The Mystery Solving Contest.
You do not need to be involved in the bio contest for this part but you will need to edit your description and include the following information:
  • Relationship to the victim (the CC categories): hired help, relatives, peers and rivals
  • Your weapon type
  • Your motive.
Weapon types will be broken down in to the following categories:
  • Firearms: this includes everything from a small pistol to a sniper rifle or elephant gun.
  • Archaic weapons: this includes knives, swords, bows, spears, and anything else that is a weapon that doesn't fit the Other categories.
  • Blunt objects: candle stick, lead pipe, etc.
  • Tools of the trade: items that are specific to professions or a type of work. Examples include but are not limited to: wrenches, rope, poison, chainsaw, sport equipment, scalpels, pizza cutters, a shovel.
And you will need a motive. For simplicity's sake I am narrowing down motives into the following broad categories:
  • Greed: this includes a possible inheritance, control of assets, property dispute or any other resource driven motivation.
  • Passion: love, anger, revenge, betrayal, lust, unrequited love.
  • Class Conflict or politics.
  • A secret. Was killing them the only way to keep the secret or did they find out something they were never to know.
To qualify for the mystery solving prizes you must have these three items in the very beginning of your description. You do not have to be specific; you may just list a category for each. For example you might just list:

Relationship: Hired Help
Weapon: tool of the trade
Motive: Passion

This will work. But you may think that seems to leave something to be desired. So you might add an example of each to better flesh out the details:

Relationship: Hired Help- Tennis Instructor
Weapon: Tool of the Trade- Tennis Racket
Motive: Passion-- jealousy.

And this could be fleshed out even more in a bio with something like:
"After months of participating in a secret affair, the tennis instructor became jealous and in a fit of rage killed Mrs Jones by beating her to death with a tennis racket."

How this will work is that during the CC (and after reading everyone's entries in their descriptions) I will drop clues that will help you determine who the murderer is. When I believe that enough clues have been revealed I will ask you to use the in game e-mail to send me who you think did it (even if it is you). We will then do a random drawing(s) from the correct responses. The person we selected to be the murderer will also get a special prize.

The amount of prizes we will award will be proportional to the turn out. Since this is a Bio contest and a murder mystery contest it will be longer than usual. I and my bio judges wil be there early to read bios and take notes, so if you show up early we can get a head start and hopefully finish early. No clues will be done before 8pm server time.

If you have any questions, please contact me in game via in game email or tell (@shortbus). Also, if you would like to anonymously donate prizes, contact myself or [email protected]

Hope to see you there.


  • tonyroachclip2tonyroachclip2 Posts: 8 Arc User
    Really hope this has a huge turnout! Looking forward to this!
    [email protected]_Burden
  • shortbus#4297 shortbus Posts: 100 Arc User

    Really hope this has a huge turnout! Looking forward to this!
    [email protected]_Burden

    Me too =)
  • tigerofcachticetigerofcachtice Posts: 551 Arc User
    This is awesome. A must-see show.
    More action at Champions Online Comics @ http://co-comics.webs.com
  • themightyzeniththemightyzenith Posts: 4,599 Arc User
    Sounds like a hoot 'OvO'

    Awesome idea @shortbus#4297 :)
    Click here to check out my costumes/milleniumguardian (MG) in-game/We need more tights, stances and moods
  • shortbus#4297 shortbus Posts: 100 Arc User
    Here are a couple questions and concerns I have been asked in game and I will answer them here as well.
    1. You do not have to participate in all three parts of the contest; you can participate in 1 or 2 if you desire.
    - if you just want to make a costume you can do just that.
    - If the idea of changing your bio or writing a new bio for this is not something you are interested in then you can skip that.
    - You can keep your old bio and just add the mystery requirement.

    2. What time period is this set in?
    - a murder mystery can happen anywhere. Most will probably go for a modern, Victorian, Industrial Age, or noire settings that resembles the settings for an Agatha Christie book or the art work in clue. But if you are more inclined to make a futuristic or steam punk robot maid-- go for it.

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