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Arc Quests Flaw? Or just a glitch?

almightenalmighten Posts: 32 Arc User
I've downloaded a lot of PWE games & over time collected plenty of arc points. I was not really interested in the other games, but I deicded to participate. usually I can complete all the quests quickly enough. This last time I logged in I logged into one of the games from one of the quest list. I was not on it long when I decided I wanted to play the other one one the list; it sounded like it would be more fun. After I exited the game I checked the arc quests to see where I was in relation to completing one of the quests. It said I ad completed all the quests to come back tomorrow for new requests. the porblem with that is I had 1,00 arc points when I logged off last time & now I log on & it says the quests are complete, but I have no more arc points than I did before I logged off the last time. All the quests I had when last I logged out said in part to "log in on different days"; I do that sometimes; other times I play a game consecutive days & then play one of the others that said "different days" at a later date. All the quests I had before I logged out had to be played one more time to be completed, but I am short 500 Arc points that I would have if the quests were finished as they should have been & as the message said. The other games are ok. I prefer CO over all the others I've played. I have a LTS to CO for that reason. So to boil all this down; IS this just a glitch? Or are other players runnning into this problem? If this is a flaw; I will report it & forget Arc quests & uninstall the ton of games I installed. Not a big loss. I put up with enough bugs in CO that I do not have to take on any others. That's it. Forgive me if I've rambled some; I've insomnia & have not slept in well over 24 hrs. I may not be as sharp as I am able to be when I've had restful sleep. Take care all!


  • markhawkmanmarkhawkman Posts: 4,915 Arc User
    did the quest tile start glowing yellow? If so you click on it to complete it. Actually I'm not sure what your actual complaint is.... You probably figured out that part since you mention that you have at least a few points.
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