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Pimp my Orphie

So, I've got an Orphie, and I plan for it to be the only vehicle I'll ever need. I already know I'm going to make its mods for maximum speed (three flight computers and a nanite booster), because that's the main purpose of a vehicle in my mind, but I'm less certain of how I should equip its weapons. Incendiary is an obvious choice, of course, and I'm thinking of gravity pulse, too (or is that redundant?), but what else should I slap on it? Medical drone, maybe?


  • beezeezebeezeeze Posts: 927 Arc User
    I kinda dig the flamethrower with either grav pulse or IR for my vehicle these days.. though for clearing out groups grav pulse is probably enough by itself..but FT and IR seems to work rather well, hit em with IR then zoom down and roast the leftovers.

  • And what happens if they survive that? Do either of those two have a cooldown?

    On a side note, I had this idea of maybe taking Instant Reload for my fourth weapon, the hypothesis being that I might use it to boost more often when traveling. Would that work? Can anyone who has used it confirm or deny?
  • chalupaoffurychalupaoffury Posts: 2,553 Arc User
    You can just spam grav pulse. 99% sure if there is a c/d on incendiary/flamethrower it's negligible, I use it on like 2 of my vehicles and haven't had a problem.
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  • I ended up going with 3 flight computers, a lightweight materials, Incendiary Rounds, 2 Quick Reloads, and a Medic Drone. It does everything I could ever want a vehicle for, and does it brilliantly. It's so good it actually makes SC fun.
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