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Black/White Power Hues

maatmonsmaatmons Posts: 346 Arc User1
I know black and white aren't hues, but the logical place to put these new color options would be in another row added to the bottom of the power hue palate. You could leave the row partly empty, and potentially add other special color options later.

The new options could require a Zen store purchase to unlock. Obviously, you'd still need to be a gold player to actually set your powers to the newly-acquired "hue."

Black Power Pack: This would unlock the ability to turn the colored visuals of your powers black. So if you set Super Speed to this option, it would look exactly like Dark Speed. I'm sure this would be a big seller. You know how popular black is.

White Power Pack: This would unlock the ability to turn the colored visuals of your powers pure white. This is the one I'd personally be interested in. I really like the way the various Psi Holo costume pieces look when set to white. This would really open things up for matching powers to that.

Invisible Power Pack: This would unlock the ability to turn off the portion of your power's visuals that you would normally be able to color. For example, if you don't like the colored streaks that follow your weapon on certain attacks, you could turn it off. I think this one could turn out like Foxbat's Invisible Weapons, in that theme builders will probably go nuts for it.


  • roughbearmattachroughbearmattach Posts: 4,784 Arc User
    These items would be amazing sellers, even at a price of 1000Z each. I think people would buy them.

    Still, I think new animations/VFX would have to be created, because of the way tinting works. Black and White are base models/textures/whatevers, not tints.

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  • maatmonsmaatmons Posts: 346 Arc User1
    If it works like the holographic and psionic costume pieces, white is white and black is invisible. That would make two of the three easy to implement. But really, I have no idea.
  • pantagruel01pantagruel01 Posts: 6,911 Arc User
    Black and white are not doable with the way power hues are set up, it's been requested since launch.
  • dakrushmordakrushmor Posts: 592 Arc User
    edited January 2016
    Before Black, White & Invisible l wish to see Powers being colorable for Silvers, not only Golds
  • ngeluzngeluz Posts: 60 Arc User
    edited January 2016

    Black and white are not doable with the way power hues are set up, it's been requested since launch.

    Yeah I seen the request... yet it be VERY popular and it DOES sell good, (Just check the crazy prices on NCSoft Aion for just one color tint of black or White to paint armor not to mention how many cash purchaes points you need to have to buy one, and thats just one example of the many)... I can see a LOT of players shooting black/white flames everywhere... I can see a lot of Sasuke from Naruto Champions with Amaterasu flames everywhere! hahaha

    One question if anyone could answer it (I know there are quite a few Programmers and Developers Players from other games/companies that know how the game works that are not from Cryptic team and come to this game to get inspiration to work on their projects, yeah I’m talking to you :wink: ):

    What if they add a secondary black and white detail to the coloring I notice some of the existing powers uses them like Shadow Aura, Dark Speed, Dimensional power sets of light/dark etc... That lets you just color part of the power while the main color seems to be black or white? Could that be more Doable?

    NOTE: A good example of this is using Shadow Aura while you’re in your phoenix wings travel power…when the shadow Aura is activated the whole color of that travel power changes to black while keeping bits of the color you chose for it.
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