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You've got goo on my suit... Disgusting.


Gel Slap (30 Foot Single Target Energy Builder) - T0
(Attacking enemies deals Toxic Damage.)
+Has a 15% chance on the initial attack to apply Slather.
+This energy builder begins with a single fast hit. Subsequent attacks are slow and hit harder.
Advantage (2) - The attack will have a 15% Chance to apply a Toxic DoT on all attacks.

Slime Strike (Combo Attack) - T0
(Attacking enemies deals Toxic and Crushing Damage.)
+All strikes have a 20% Chance to apply and refresh Slather to affected targets.
Advantage (1) - Challenging Strikes.
Advantage (1) - Accelerated Metabolism.
*First Hit: 30 Foot 90 Degree Cone AoE
*Second Hit: 30 Foot 90 Degree Cone AoE
*Final Hit: 30 Foot Target 15 Foot Sphere
+Final Hit Knocks the main target Prone and always applies Slather to them.
Advantage (2) - The final combo will have a 15% Chance to Knock all targets Prone instead of only the selected target.


Slam (50 Foot Charged 5 Foot Cylinder) - Lockdown - T2
(Attacking enemies deals Toxic and Crushing Damage.)
+This attack Snares all affected targets and on Full Charge Knocks all targets Prone.
+Detonates Slather.
-Short Cooldown.
Advantage (2) - Gives this ability a 50% chance to not Consume Slather on Detonation.
Advantage (1) - Challenging Strikes.

Bounce (20 Foot Sphere Charge) - T3
(Attacking enemies deals Toxic and Crushing Damage.)
+All targets in the affected area are Knocked Upward, the strength of the Knock and overall Damage is increased based on charge time.
+Detonates Slather.
Advantage (1) - Accelerated Metabolism.

Lob Goo (50 Foot Charged 15 Foot Sphere) - T2
(Deals Toxic Damage to targets in the area.)
+The initial landing of this attack Roots all targets and leaves behind a Slime Ground. All targets that are in the area of the Slime Ground become Snared and Slathered.
-Short Cooldown.
Advantage (2) - Friendly targets in the area of the Slime Ground are slowly healed over time while inside of it.
Advantage (1) - Accelerated Metabolism.

Flowing Gel (50 Foot Single Target Maintain) - Lockdown - T3
(Attacking enemies deals Toxic and Crushing Damage.)
+You reach for an enemy with slime, knocking down anyone between you and your target. The enemy in your grasp is slowly pulled toward you. (Reverse Repel)
+Target becomes Snared.
+Every tick of this power has a chance to Slather the target.
-Short Cooldown.
Advantage (2) - If the player owns any Slime Piles within 30 Feet of the player, they will also be pulled toward them.
Advantage (3) - Crippling Challenge.


Sentient Blob (Uncontrolled Summon) - Lockdown - T2
+Creates a Sentient Blob to fight by your side for 60 seconds. At Rank 1, the blob fights with Slime Strike and Slingshot. At Rank 2, the blob gains Lob Goo. At Rank 3, the blob is granted Absorbing Gel and its attacks have a 20% chance to Taunt the blob's main target which can occur at most once every 15 seconds.
Advantage (2) - Upon expiration or defeat, the Sentient Blob leaves behind Slime Ground, Snaring and Slathering targets inside.

-Buff Self-

Absorbing Gel (Slotted Defensive Passive) - T1
(Ranking up this Passive increases the amount of absorption and healing each Slime Pile gives to you)
+You have a strong absorbing shield. The amount of damage absorbed is reduced as you take damage, and taking damage drops a Slime Pile (Up to twice every 3 seconds) within 30 Feet of the player. The owner can restore absorption and regain a small amount of health by walking over the Slime Pile.
+The absorbing shield slowly regains strength while in combat and will never absorb less than 10% of all incoming damage.
Advantage (2) - Other players can pick up your Slime Piles, they will gain 50% of the healing you would normally receive from it, but no absorption. The owner of the Slime Pile will receive full absorption, but no healing from an ally picking up their Slime Pile.

Slime Form (Slotted Offensive Passive) - T1
+Boosts Toxic and Crushing Damage Equally.
+Hostiles attacking you within 15 Feet have a chance to become Slathered.
+Slowly regain a portion of Lost Health over a period of 5 seconds. Regain Energy when this is triggered.


Slingshot (60 Foot Charged Lunge, 15 Foot Sphere) - T1
(Attacking enemies deals Toxic and Crushing Damage.)
+Fully Charging Knocks up all targets and deals additional damage based on Charge Time.
-Short Cooldown
Advantage (2) - Instead of Knocking up all targets on a full charge, all targets within 30 Feet are knocked to the player. Damage condition remains within the original 15 Foot Sphere.
Advantage (2) - Nailed to the Ground.

-Energy Unlock-

Gelatinous Reformation - T2
+You gain a surge of energy when you Detonate Slather. If your passive is Slime Form, you gain energy over time when you recover health. If your passive is Absorbing Gel, you gain energy over time when you pick up a Slime Pile.


Slather (Debuff Effect, applied by various Slime Attacks)
+This debuff stacks up to 3 times.
+Upon Detonation, will deal additional Toxic and Crushing Damage.
+Passively reduces the rate at which affected targets can Charge their attacks.​​
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  • brasston2501brasston2501 Posts: 45 Arc User
    Anima the alien Goo-Girl approves.
  • nacito#6758 nacito Posts: 862 Arc User
    So its basically like Zac? but with DoT
    Just another reptile lover, known in game as @nacito
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  • avianosavianos Posts: 5,390 Arc User
    edited January 2016
    That's sounds Unique and fun! :open_mouth:
    naciiito wrote: »
    So its basically like Zac? but with DoT

    OH im fan of that character​​
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  • nacito#6758 nacito Posts: 862 Arc User
    avianos said:

    OH im fan of that character​​

    the True way of tanking there ^w^
    Just another reptile lover, known in game as @nacito
    This is a big journey, so far if you're reading this, wish you a good day
  • bluhmanbluhman Posts: 2,409 Arc User
    I like it, though it seems a bit small for a whole powerset. Slather seems like another one of those actually useful debuffs (especially considering how annoying it is to fight OSV Medusa).

    The dual attack type might make it hard to make nice mixed builds with though. What if it was just toxic? Another avant-garde idea to throw out there is what if each attack adapted to your energy form? So then you could make elemental goo characters as the attacks just change damage type to match your passive.

    actually that doesn't sound like too bad of an idea to attempt for just basic energy-projector characters, hmmmm
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  • ngeluzngeluz Posts: 60 Arc User
    edited January 2016
    I think it be a great add-on if they ever add Water as a power set... Or if they finally add Radiation Power Set, it could also be a cool add on too... I wonder what radiation would be Toxic/Particle...? DCUO has already both and they look fun, the Merger of console with PC is happening soon, so my friends will be playing again, sadly by the time CO bring new powers or content I guess I will have plenty of time to try Atomic and Water powers out full and return in a few months or a year… :neutral: Hmm, maybe after that if their is no new content in CO Ill return to CoX free open severs, I miss their unique universe lore and power mix... Anyway hope the Devs take a look at this great suggestion with the Slime powers.
  • raighnraighn Posts: 2,340 Arc User
    Aquaria approves and demands these powers become her own... atleast until the time comes that we geet proper water powers...

    Gamma & Mere also approve and demand access... atleast until proper radiation powers are opened to players...
    ^-^ cute, cuddly, @Pandabutt ^-^
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