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ATTENTION DEVS Some players still have 4 super stats!

unethicalgenkiunethicalgenki Posts: 13 Arc User
edited December 2015 in Gameplay Bugs
So even after this bug was apparently fixed it seems a few of you managed to escape with all 4 of your dirty super stats intact. Some people will do anything to try and keep up with the top dpser's in the game.

You guys know who you are, you come here to report gameplay bugs and act like butter wouldnt melt in your mouth yet youre abusing this huge bug still.

I wont be naming anyone but you can bet your bottom doller that i've reported you and i urge anyone else who either knows of somebody who is still using this bug or if you see anyone pulling huge dps numbers off with a single power like lightning arc and you know from experience that they shouldnt be doing damage like that, please report them to support because its more than likely that they are abusing this bug still.


  • aiqaaiqa Posts: 2,621 Arc User
    I think your best bet would be to PM a dev with detailed information.
  • chaelkchaelk Posts: 7,732 Arc User
    yep, report in detail, what you think is happening and how. screenshots of damage/gear used if you can. combat tables.

    and you do know, Lightning arc along with 2gun mojo are the ridiculous damage Tier 1 powers?​​
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  • johannekirkjohannekirk Posts: 19 Arc User
    All they need to do is keep a record of the event open missions (that have good enough rewards to draw people)

    Then, if someone gets a ridiculous seeming score, check them...

    While they are at it, it would be nice if they took the time to properly reward tanks/healers. It SEEMS like they are using the damage done AFTER defenses to credit tanking. This punishes people for have high damage resistance. Also modify it so that someone who tanks Clarence all the way through the battle gets a decent reward, since he/she is the reason all those mass DPSers stayed alive through the fight...
  • ngeluzngeluz Posts: 60 Arc User
    edited January 2016
    I think under certain conditions and special specific build, maybe the Quarry Passive, Two-Gun Mojo as an example and heavily Mod Max Gear, it’s kind of in theory possible to have 4 super stats… or seem to have them anyway…
    Long ago I had a friend that was really good in building super over power champions and talk about it to me… I’m sure many Pro veteran players have similar secrete build that reaches such… over power but they’re not sharing… for fear of getting it "fix" I think... or just copy rights greediness…
    I know even if I could build something that broken I would not, it takes away the uniqueness of your Champion… a good example of this is the oh so many build around powers like Two-Gun Mojo or Lightning Arc soooo many champions with the same powers… it’s just not fun to play. I guess they could fix that if they would add different FX looks beyond one color change… but I guess that be too much work for just a bit of more freedom customization.
    lol :wink:
  • dakrushmordakrushmor Posts: 592 Arc User
    edited January 2016
    l guess after new update player will show some love not only to LA & 2GM, but [Pulse Beam Rifle] as well, just because it will work with minigun debuff. As for 4 stats - massive forcible retcon should fix it, just aware players that their toons gonna be retconned.

    l myself encountered another issue - one time l was able to spend more than 10 points on specialization tree, while another one took less than 10 of them, but now it seems to be not working.
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