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Cross Over like in the Comics and Movies can it be done in an MMO game?

ngeluzngeluz Posts: 60 Arc User
edited January 2016 in Suggestions Box
It’s no secret that I’m a diehard fan of Cryptic (as a gaming company) since CoX I love the detail in which they create their games, as they seem to add so many details that add that RPG immersion to the game that today’s games seem to lack… not to mention I been reading/watching comics and Super heroes movies/cartoon/anime etc. since I can remember…and love how they brave the cruel waters of creating new cool super heroe/villian universe against all odds (or the iconics theme stardars boooorrriiiing same old heroes/villians)

Sooooo I was wondering… with these new movies, comics and the like of crossovers of superheroes/villains coming out…
Will Champions Online Universe ever have a Cross Over Adventure Pack or Expansion? The obvious Universe that would come to mind is CoX since it was mainly created by Crytic… so some of its rights are theirs or so I think… and its Obvious that the “other company” that has the other rights has no interest in resurrecting it… And I read that Titan will be more of an offshoot of CoX not a real sequel… (Though I admire their efforts)

SO…. Can it be done? Cross Over CO vs CoX world clash?

You have the enough lore to tied it… from the Kings of Edom and the Lords of the Crystal “Spider” (Lord Recluse Aracnos anyone? Let’s face it, that Universe was filled with “Incarnates of Gods” it could have happened) to a Multidimensional Portal to just simply another parallel world, some of the heroes do look alike… even the fallen Shadow Destroyer could have stumble on it trying to return from Qliphoth… better yet a full endgame map, powers or expand existing ones, all the works as Champions try to save this universe from Qliphoth as it’s a dying universe right? Or the kings took avatars from that world… Or Viper could… um… well you get the Idea the possibilities are almost endless
Oh man… Viper vs Aracnos, Dr. Destroyer vs Lord Recluse… Circle of Thorns vs Circle of the Scarlet Moon vs DEMON… so many Crises, Alerts, Missions…so much battles so much chaos for the Champions to fight ooooooo…. it be EPIC!

Sorry just had a Brain Diarrhea just thinking about it…hahahaha :blush:

I mean there are other comic super heroes/Mythical universes that CO could do cross Over… even Titan I think… or D&D Neverwinter maybe?
Anyway it’s something to think about… CO lore is full of so much yummy content it, worlds and universes its makes it possible in pen and paper so I thought I just post the suggestion to play it in and online game… I think instead of dividing forces CO vs RIP CoX vs Titan… it should join forces to create the BEST Super Heroe Game in the market! :wink:

I believe in you Cryptic and in all of you diehard fans out there that have supported CoX, Titan and CO all these years! We might not save one of those games but if we pull our efforts together we CAN help strengthen the one we have!

Anyway Love you All! Thank you for taking the time to read or part of it at least lol… man talking about this I think I’m making my own version of Aracnos Spider Soldier…ooo I think I try a Mu Mystic…or… sorry again I tend to write as I think!

See ya in game! :smiley:



  • pantagruel01pantagruel01 Posts: 6,911 Arc User
    Cryptic doesn't have the rights to CoX and is rather unlikely to spend the money to acquire them, so no.
  • flyingfinnflyingfinn Posts: 8,285 Arc User
    It's dead. Let it stay buried.
    And wouldn't it be like Marvel Zombies story arch?....​​
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  • bluhmanbluhman Posts: 2,409 Arc User
    A Neverwinter Crossover would be more likely at this rate.
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  • chaelkchaelk Posts: 7,732 Arc User
    we had a 'discussion' ingame about that. flight vs unlimited lunge. NW has only horizontal movement. CO has 3d.
    then there's the HP difference.
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    Pulp hero.
    Turakanian age

    ones already owned by Cryptic as they are all hero games settings.​​
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  • ngeluzngeluz Posts: 60 Arc User
    Well it’s just a veeeeeeryy positive thought, the main Idea is having a Crossover... they tend to be very cool, fun and entertaining! Besides, I KNOW CoX is very much DEAD... it would take someone with a supernatural vision, resources, patience, ambition and a great deal of power and influence to even get it started much less make it work… it’s too ambitious, risky and I take too much resources… I think.

    I mention it because it’s easy to relate… also I known no gaming company besides the Japanese ones (Nintendo, PlayStation…etc.) that have been able to pull it off successfully, I guess MMO and their publishers don’t like to share their spotlight… Oh wait Blizzard did it with Heroes of the Storm… very successfully, but I guess does companies are the real big guys in the gaming stuff huh?

    Yeah… maybe you guys are right… maybe it’s time I just gave up my over hype faith on Cryptic Studios and his Superheroes games theme… I guess I should just be happy with what CO has… and enjoy it while it last… it just sucks to see potential in things and yet… oh never mind. Sorry guys to waste your time with my silly ideas… I’ll try to keep my thoughts to myself,,, and not annoy you with my crazy unrealistic ideas… Most of everyone I knew is gone anyway… I guess one crazy idea of a fan won’t make any difference. Anyway thank you for taking the time to read and your reply’s I appreciate it… and my apologies again, my positive thinking sometimes forget the reality of the business world and what it moves it or the reality of the state of things...
  • mechanoidwarheadmechanoidwarhead Posts: 13 Arc User
    I remade some Vanguard and Primal Earth Resistance toons of mine from CoX. I wish more Virtue folks had come to Champions. Casual RP was so much fun. :(
  • ngeluzngeluz Posts: 60 Arc User
    edited January 2016
    Well you guys had inspired me to make do with my CoX melancholic Needs... thank you! So I made this:


    My Bane Spider of sorts and let me tell you I’m having soo much fun not only trying to make him look like the original Aracnos troop but picking off the powers that they should have, I even got down the Mu one... Powers, looks and all... Yet I am having a bit of a problem with the Widows... I can't seem to find the right costume parts to make her/him...specially the head and neck pieces... even if I add the open neck... can’t seem to get the right look...

    I think ones I finish with this I try for to make a Kheldian Peacebringer and a Nictus Warshade… this should keep me entertain for some time!
    Man if a cross over miracle happen with CoX they would look soo cool with all this “freedom” of powers and costume choices! Just making them in this game and playing as one makes me appreciate more what CO has to offer it has so much quality in this area… I just wish it could have more content to explore and play… in the CO universe lore there are soooo much stuff happening in so many places at the same time… while in CO online we seem to see all the action happening in Millennium City… there so many worlds and places that this game could open up… to explore… anyway thanks again!

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