Cult of the Red Banner: The Full Story

New from Hero Games: Martial Enemies, Vol. 2: The Cult of the Red Banner PDF ;

This 19-page min-book ($3.00 US) details the history, true goals, and global activities of the Red Banner cult. It describes the structure, ranks, special cadres, and associates of the Cult, and provides full backgrounds and Hero System write-ups for the Red Banner's leader and six other "supervillain-class" operatives. The book offers a number of ways to work the Cult of the Red Banner into character backgrounds and stories.


  • iamrune
    iamrune Posts: 963 Arc User
    Awesome price for this, but I am not surprised there is no mention of "Hi Pan".

    I suppose if someone wanted him they could easily self stat up Lo Pan from Big Trouble in Little China.
  • bulgarex
    bulgarex Posts: 2,183 Arc User
    Yeah, Steve Long was never very impressed by Hi Pan. :s

    If someone did want to relate Hi Pan to the material in this new booklet, he would probably be a Bai Changpo Mushi, the priest heading the local Red Banner temple in MC. Not a high Cult official. Steve thought about including a character sheet for a "generic" priest of that sort in this book, but figured it would be easy enough to adapt something from another Hero publication.