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Zen Bag

aceretrieveraceretriever Posts: 239 Arc User
edited March 2014 in Suggestions Box
Zen items can be lost pretty easily, a downside of having a lot of alts. I only have 12 characters, but imagine someone with, like, 40; they could buy a Become device for one character, forget about the character later on, and then delete the character and the device with it. That, uh... happened to me once, actually. :P

Why not have a "Zen Bag" that would be shared among all characters? It would be used for sharing and holding Zen items among characters.

The Rundown

-When you buy a Zen item, it will automatically be sent to the Zen Bag in an unbound state.

-Character-bound Zen items (not sure if they exist) cannot be placed into the Zen Bag.

-When a character is deleted, all qualifying Zen items will be sent to the Zen Bag. A pop-up should warn about this.

-Any character can deposit/withdraw from the Zen Bag at any time.

Things to Consider

-Should this only apply to items that are bought from the Zen Store?
-How could one abuse this system?
-Whatever else comes to mind.

I'd really like to hear your thoughts on this. I honestly feel like this has been suggested before. XP

EDIT 1: Now that I think about it, maybe Character Bound items could start off in the bag, at least.
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