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Patcher Error

sapphiechusapphiechu Posts: 259 Arc User
edited February 2014 in PC & Technical Issues
Everything was working fine last night (12-16)?

Then this afternoon, about 5pm EST, I open ARC and start CO, and get the patch updater. Loads the 20+ Mb file and then announces:


So now what?
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  • sapphiechusapphiechu Posts: 259 Arc User
    edited December 2013
    Note to self (and other):

    Always restart your PC
    and try again before you
    post a technical issue.

    Problem solved with the above 'fix'. (read: user-error)
  • andreapolusandreapolus Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited February 2014
    hey i got a similar problem at me i have to update 140 MB but always its stops between 50%-63.51% and its stops yesterday i waited for 4 hours and still not downloaded
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