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Bunni's Fashion Show

jerax1011jerax1011 Posts: 966 Arc User
edited February 2014 in Costumes and Concepts
Since Bunni has turned her focus from mercenary work to becoming a model, she's acquired the money to create a lot of outfits for herself. And like everyone who's been near a tailor she had to start out simple, with only a few outfits to work with. Now days her multitude of outfits tops out at 152, at least what she has in easy access for shows. Since she's considering retiring she felt it was time to reveal her wardrobe in it's entirety, and to present her own personal fashion show of sorts.

OOC: So a bit of understanding, I had some rather strict rules (that I broke the more I ventured into costuming) when designing Bunni. She was to always have her ears and tail, those couldn't be removed, and it wasn't till a friend cleverly suggested that she could hide her ears under hoods or in certain headgear to try out other looks. She also can't have anything that was "real". All her accessories like wings and guns were props (she used blades and so most looks that incorporate them have actual blades) and any skin color changes were makeup as are things like different hair colors and styles as well as her eye color (her "natural" hair is long and brown as are her eyes). Her looks are sexy, being a Battle Oriented Tease (aka B.O.T.) she is all about sex appeal, and isn't afraid to push some boundaries, but she does have some class and won't reveal anything inappropriate, so no censor bars are needed for her looks. She never changed her physical appearance, being an android she can't change sizes without some major overhauls, so the "lil" versions are out of character for her. This includes the fully robotic versions of Bunni, her actual inner workings aren't able to be represented in game.
(I'll add more pics as I get screenshots and descriptions together)

link to full sized image

RedBunni- Redsnake, Bunni style and with only one voice over!
Sonya Blade- Made her for one of the many Video Game themed CCs held in the past
Jurybunni- I think the actual Juryrig would spring a few bolts if he saw this look.
Bobble Nurse- The creepiest "but-her-face" in existence
Kill Bunni- I loved these movies, and yes, she wields a katana with this outfit
Pika- My favorite Pokemon (yellow!!) And I wanted to make a look that didn't mean her entire body was yellow :P
Dread Pirate- Because who doesn't love the Princess Bride?!
Captain Planet- Made for an Earth Day themed CC I hosted. Another look that's too fun to not replace.
Harley Bunn- I love her character design, and wanted to keep the diamond pattern simple to allow for the most in the red black combo.
Power Yellow- The yellow ranger was my favorite growing up (yellow is my favorite color) I even included the kitty on the belt as a nod to the original characters suit!
Flare Dress- A special look for Flare's final CC when Bunni co hosted.
Brigade- This look was Bunni's take on the popular multiplying character Brigade.
Flare's Biggest Fan- Of course Flare is well known amongst CC goers, and so naturally Bunni duo-ed from time to time, she needed her take on his look though :P
Stepford- Being the "perfect" companion, it was only natural that Bunni look the part too right?
Poison Bunni- Because if there's a Harley Quinn look, there MUST be Poison Ivy somewhere, but I went with the Batman Beyond styling, so sexy but not too revealing!
Fran- She's a bunny girl, Bunni's a rabbit android... you do the math!
Aquabun- DCs least loved character, I had to give him some loving!
Pink Lady- Part of a group CC event, my friends chose grease and this was one of the resulting looks.
Orion Slave- I wanted a nod to Star Trek, but since Bunni isn't red shirt level I needed to pull for something else, and besides she makes green look good!
Slenderbunni- In honor of all the clones out there, I did a Bunni version :P
Argent Attire- Part of a minor RP story when she was trying to find her mentor K and joined ARGENTs ranks for a bit.
Lust- My favorite anime of all time is FMA:Brotherhood, and Bunni would naturally choose to cosplay as Lust.
Lara Bun- Cause every female character has this look right? Right?!
@Aleatha1011 in CO | Keeper of the Cheesecake since Nov. 2011| Bunni BOT is on PRIMUS! | Come check out my deviantart page!
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    jerax1011jerax1011 Posts: 966 Arc User
    edited December 2013


    Fancy- I wanted a formal look in yellow and this was the result.
    Formal- Her official SODLAG "uniform". In SG colors (Red, Black, White, Grey) members wear formal attire when using it for group contests.
    Fancy Pants- An interpretation of the phrase "Look at you Mr. Fancy Pants"
    Blue Dress- I really loved how subtle the patten on the skirt looks, almost velvety.
    White- An alternate SODLAG look.



    Lil Illuminati- I will tell my mommy and daddy on you!!
    Lil Easter- Chocolate is also yummy when little bites too :P
    Lil Bunni Foo Foo- A horror spin from the children's song.
    Lil Nurse- She's playing make believe!
    Lil Raver- Cause the party starts even while young.
    @Aleatha1011 in CO | Keeper of the Cheesecake since Nov. 2011| Bunni BOT is on PRIMUS! | Come check out my deviantart page!
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    jerax1011jerax1011 Posts: 966 Arc User
    edited December 2013
    Full sized image can be found here


    Steam-angel- Steampunk, with a Bunni twist.
    Fire- Since I can't do "traditional" elemental looks, I envisioned what Bunni would wear if she had lava coursing through her rather than electricity. The tech armor is meant to circulate the lava to keep her functioning, I guess like a golem in a certain way.
    Aged Tech- Not quite steampunk, but an attempt at making aged metal for a tech look.
    Original- Yes, the first look EVER for Bunni, straight out of the box!
    Steam BOT- An OOC look if Bunni was built in a steampunk world.
    Heavy Tech- Bunni's power armor.
    Sleek White- The ONLY helmet that works in concept for Bunni, her ears fit inside!!
    Dark Tech- Paired with Light Tech, the "bad" version.
    Light Tech- Paired with Dark Tech, this is the "good" version.
    Galaxy- After seeing a friend with a similar concept I asked how he got the look. Vine tights are really amazing when colored like this!
    Glow Sci fi- The colors were actually inspired by a tropical fish I saw at the local Aquarium. It worked well in this setup :)
    Sci fi- I LOVE LOVE LOVE this look, and I love retro Sci-fi styles, those boots get really abused :P
    Skittles- Yes... taste the rainbow *grins*
    Future BOT- An OOC look of a cyber future on what Bunni could have looked like.
    Iris- Part of a CC that our community mod Trail Turtle hosted, I put Bunni's spin on his character's look. I loved it so much that it's stuck around.
    Party BOT- My second favorite look out of all hers. A tech raver theme... I <3 colors!
    Bike Gear- Once I got a vehicle for Bunni, she needed a look to match of course!
    Black and White- A different take on the opposites theme.
    @Aleatha1011 in CO | Keeper of the Cheesecake since Nov. 2011| Bunni BOT is on PRIMUS! | Come check out my deviantart page!
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    jerax1011jerax1011 Posts: 966 Arc User
    edited February 2014
    New image loaded! (also reserved for future add ons)
    @Aleatha1011 in CO | Keeper of the Cheesecake since Nov. 2011| Bunni BOT is on PRIMUS! | Come check out my deviantart page!
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