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Infernal Ranged Tank Concept

sapphiechusapphiechu Posts: 259 Arc User
edited December 2013 in Power Discussion
In the middle of grinding this little thing up, but enjoying it a lot so far. Combining Regeneration with Devour Essence is like mana from heaven (if you'll pardon the irony), especially against small groups while soloing.

My build so far is thus (Character name is L'il Imp in case you see me flying around MC):

PowerHouse (Link to this build)


Archetype: Freeform

Super Stats:
Level 6: Constitution (Primary)
Level 10: Intelligence (Secondary)
Level 15: Strength (Secondary)

Level 1: Mechanized
Level 6: Ascetic
Level 9: Physical Conditioning
Level 12: Healthy Mind
Level 15: Quick Recovery
Level 18:
Level 21:

Level 1: Infernal Bolts
Level 1: Infernal Blast (Rank 2)
Level 6: Devour Essence (Rank 2)
Level 8: Condemn (Rank 2, Redemption Denied)
Level 11: Supernatural Power
Level 14: Regeneration (Rank 2)
Level 17:
Level 20:
Level 23:
Level 26:
Level 29:
Level 32:
Level 35:
Level 38:

Travel Powers:
Level 6: Flight
Level 35:

Constitution: Unyielding (2/2)
Constitution: Fuel My Fire (2/3)
Constitution: Resilient (2/2)
Constitution: Quick Healing (1/3)

I would like to know if anyone that knows more than I do about builds (which should be pretty much most of you) has any advice for greater durability in fights. Alternatively, I'd also like to see suggestions for making her less noticed in battle, short of making her DPS lousy. I'd like to be able to contribute at least a little bit during Alerts when I draw the attention away from better DPSers. I don't even know why I have STR picked as a secondary, except perhaps as it boosts Melee damage, and Devour Essence is a melee attack.

Anyway, let the comments begin!
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  • cyronecyrone Posts: 1,028 Arc User
    edited December 2013
    My personal take would be to swap Int for Rec since Supernatural Power scales on it. Practically unlimited power. :biggrin:
    "There is only one way to support a PFF tank: Send Cyrone lots of money weekly... because he's the only one to successfully be a true PFF Tank." - chuckwolf
  • kaiserin#0958 kaiserin Posts: 3,085 Cryptic Developer
    edited December 2013
    Rec is unnecessary for the current setup. Would only advise rec or end if you're going with the more expensive taps from supernatural (and even then it's questionable as Supernatural Power has a hefty lag to it when it comes to taps).

    If you want threat wipes Evasive Manuevers w/adv is always a go to. There's also Imbue w/adv that reduces your threat for its duration.

    Firesnake will give your attacks a bit more damage, flashfire would also be a nice supplement for overall dps and light control with its snare advantage.

    Strength is always nice for the KB resistance.
  • jasinblazejasinblaze Posts: 1,360 Arc User
    edited December 2013
    my main is a toxic tank.
    infernal blast is with both advantages is a threat boon. so
    do those instead of ranking. the vir pop refreshes all poison counters with every hit and crip challange for threat.
    i went CON dex/ego

    Link to this build

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