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So... I got some new costume pieces yesterday

twg042370twg042370 Posts: 592 Arc User
edited November 2013 in Champions Online Discussion
I bought them off the Auction House in a shopping spree yesterday. Being Silver meant that I had to make a few trips back and forth to my Hideout bank. And by the time I was half out of savings things were starting to get too rich for my blood.

But that's not my sadness. My sadness is in how specific a lot of costume sets are. I can't mix and match very well. Some sets, like Harajuku and Street Defender mix up nice. Other are like, "That chest armor shape is perfect for my Iron Man ripoff. But the textures on it are too magical. Why doesn't this one have texture options like the more basic pieces?"

The Viking helmet would be brilliant if it had some lights on it, is what I'm saying.
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Wait? Whaaaa..?


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