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Hi, im new here

cheelanghocheelangho Posts: 95 Arc User
edited April 2013 in Introductions
Hello, i'm Cheelangho and im new aroud here :P
I was looking for an Action MMORPG that my laptop could actually run (bought it last year, but is not gaming quality) and eventually found this awesome game

I've been playing a bit while waiting for my account to be allowed to post; and i got to say i'm liking what i see; the character cuztomization is GREAT, it's just a matter of creativity to make a cool and original costume for your heroes

Currently, i'm playing 2 heroes (After creating several others, deleting them and restarting :biggrin:) and i'd like to know your thoughts on them:

Ryuhi the Wanderer (The Unleashed, lvl 19)
An Ancient Samurai Warrior who was sent to present time by a curse (or at least that's what he believes... *evil laugh*); after seeing the evil and corruption of this era, he decided to put away his nostalgia for his homeland and restore order and honor through the way of the sword, without knowing that the responsibles of his destiny belong to THIS age...

Ghostlinger (The Soldier, lvl 16 i think- actually meant to be named Ghostslinger, but i left since it's easier to pronounce for me)
Restless spirit of a western gunslinger; he can't remeber anything about himself, except he had a family which was brutally murdered.

He started to appear about a year ago near the Desert, very close to the southern border; but eventually moved to Millenium City, searching for clues on his past life and why he has'nt moved on the afterlife -and protecting the innocent from evildoers in the process:cool:

*will post Character images later- im posting from a PC that is not the one i play from
*Im sorry for my bad english, im from Mexico but i hope i didn't do many mistakes

---EDIT: Images uploaded! hope you like my chars as much as i do
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  • synsensynsen Posts: 102 Arc User
    edited April 2013
    Hi there and welcome! I'm a sucker for others' works of creativity, nice backstories and whatnot! I'm @metalphantom in-game, if ya ever want to bs. heroes, villains, or any concepts at all. Feel free to add me and hit me up! Take care and have fun!
  • cheelanghocheelangho Posts: 95 Arc User
    edited April 2013
    Hi, thank you, be sure i'll add you as soon as i manage to get some time to play the game and glad you liked my heroes

    EDIT: Btw, how do you change your forum avatar to another image than the predetermined ones?, i just uploaded a couple photos to my PWE profile but i dont see any way to use my profile picture as my CO Forum avatar :/
  • thestarpaladinthestarpaladin Posts: 8 Arc User
    edited April 2013
    Hello and welcome :)
  • jedite2012jedite2012 Posts: 334 Arc User
    edited April 2013
    Hi, enjoy as much content as u can while it lasts

    Take your time to enjoy everything it has to offer
  • cheelanghocheelangho Posts: 95 Arc User
    edited April 2013
    jedite2012 wrote: »
    Hi, enjoy as much content as u can while it lasts

    Take your time to enjoy everything it has to offer

    Riiiiiiiiight... i've been lurking the forums a little and while there's a lot of complains and pessimism, i still have the little hope that Cryptic might turn its head over CO after NWO goes live, since they own most of the Champions PnP game but the HERO roleplaying system (AFAIK, besides, you can't BUY an intellectual property and just let it go to waste, after all)

    Anyway, Ghostlinger is lvl 32 already, so i'm exploring whatever areas available to a toon of his lvl, and while i won't be spending more money on this game (i bought 2 extra char slots and the Master AT:redface:) i'll just enjoy CO as it is now 'till i get bored of it, gets a fun update-bugfix or whatever happens to it :biggrin:
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