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Lemurian Invasion Autoleveling Questions - Hope Trailturtle can address some of them

wesleytansgwesleytansg Posts: 863 Arc User
edited February 2013 in Champions Online Discussion
"It was also far too easy, as pretty much everyone commented. The Bleak Harbinger was certainly a sack of hit points, but without the proper leveling, it wasn't heroic."

A series of questions here and I hope TT could help to answer as many as possible.

TT, is this the reason for the autoleveling to 30?

I just wonder why Gravitar was able to hit much harder without having to be brought to lvl 60 (which of course will probably cause another major game breaking problem like the mega-d invasion) while keeping the alert to level 35 and up.

Is it because a whole new set of powers has to be created with numbers set much higher than normal player powers?

Are the devs trying to recycle existing player powers onto the Harbinger and since they obey codes bound to level, hence they are not able increase the damage to make it more challenging without increasing level beyond 40 hence potentially breaking things? Recycling is fine, they make for efficiency and there is no need to reinvent the wheel all the time.

Therakiel lair has mobs which are above level 40, is it possible to use those codes?

Consider using a combination of attacks of other cosmics for the Harbinger. The breath weapon of Telieosaurus and stone throwing of Grond all can work and are pretty devastating to most players. It has 6 eyes. Eyebeams from Mega-Ds can work too. Of course there will be some work for animation to match emission points etc.

Why not tell us what exactly the issue is? Have faith that some of your players out there are not totally over the top with their frustration and have the necessary technical knowledge to provide sensible suggestions.

Autoleveling for a smash which is used as a levelling up mechanics is fine in order to help low level characters participate in the alert for XP. However, wasn't the intention of this event meant for high level characters? If so, stepping down the level does not seem an appropriate manner to create greater challenge.

Is this a manpower/resource/business issue? If such is the case and the response is sensitive, there is no need to reply to this question.
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