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sapphiechusapphiechu Posts: 259 Arc User
I was handing out in Ren Center and was passed over by one of those dark throne vehicles, but me in my partially not-paying-attention fugue-state thought it was a 'basket'. And then it hit me (no, not the dark throne, an idea!)

Hot Air Balloons and Mini Dirigibles as new vehicles. They would be very slow compared to most, something like the starting speed of tanks. and would make sense to have less armor (being a big, fat gas-bag), but that could be balanced with perhaps more mod slots instead of armor, and I would suggest the starting weapon be the flamethrower.

Plus, could come in a number of color combos, maybe even have event-themed skins for them. Imagine, a Foxbat balloon, or a Grandfather Winter Balloon...

I know we're unlikely to see any more vehicles, but we can always dream.


  • nyhtefall97nyhtefall97 Posts: 3 Arc User
    A friend and I wre discussing that champions should have ground vehicles for those who RP and toons that are not with flight related abilities.Also make the vehicle with Turbo jump ability to get around obstacles.
  • sapphiechusapphiechu Posts: 259 Arc User
    A friend and I were discussing that champions should have ground vehicles...

    From what I understand, ground vehicles are basically impossible in the engine. I'm sure you've noticed the wheelie-pulling vehicles as they approach the top of the ramps between Westside and the road around the Renaissance Center. That would be how a vehicle would behave even under the control of a player. You can sometimes see them clip other objects too, much like how players might occasionally clip through a static object or wall very occasionally. The engine was never designed to facilitate ground vehicles, hence why all the vehicles we have are variations on the same basic themes of a hover-capable 'bike', jet or other aircraft, or 'tank'.

    It's actually pretty amazing that the broom flight was set up as a flight power, but also has a device version of the same thing. Maybe we'll see device versions of rocket boots, jetpacks and other similar things, but no ground vehicles; at least in COs current engine.

    Now, if we ever see a Champions Online 2… ;)
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