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Ultimate: Empowered Summon

areeeareee Posts: 729 Arc User
edited March 19 in Suggestions Box
Type: Toggle
Once activated the next pet summoned will be empowered.
Only 1 pet can have this ability. Should another pet be summoned both the empowered pet and the Empowered summoned skill will be canceled/despawned.\
Upon death of summoned pet, toggle goes on cooldown
Effects: Pyramid Power Buff

Edit for Details
When you click Empowered Summon, current summoned pets despawn.
Only works on Skill, permanent, pets.
Device pets will still spawn, un-empowered.
Summoning another pet will Despawn the Empowered Pet.
so you can have 1 Super Pet, 2 on certain summons, or an army of pets.
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