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FC.31.20220901.7 - Misc Changes

kaiserin#0958 kaiserin Posts: 2,848 Cryptic Developer
edited October 2022 in PTS - The Archive
  • Removed Virtuous threat set bonus, added additional bonus to energy unlocks for support role.
  • Power Surge Effect: Changes to apply every 2 sec, reduced energy granted to 8 to match new time.

Growth Mod
  • Increased rank 9 stats.
  • Increased overall effect of bonus energy.

Qliphothic Energies
  • Increased energy rate to 25/5 sec.
  • Added additional energy bonus.

  • Added Legacy IDF and Sneak auras to the free aura store, questionite store, and Exclusive store.

Ego Sprites
  • Optimized FX.
  • Corrected costs.
  • Removed stacking effect.
  • Now has a chance to disorient targets.
  • Slave Mentality Adv: Now applies after half duration. Slightly increased values.
  • New Adv (2): Applies Illumination after full duration.

  • Slightly increased Mend values.
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  • thisiscraftaaathisiscraftaaa Posts: 72 Arc User
    Almost doubling the energy cost of Ego Sprites (23 to 41 on the build I ported to PTS to check it on) while removing its ability to stack in exchange for JUST giving it an innate Disorient chance when it already served basically no purpose outside of a niche or two is supposed to do... what, exactly? Ego Sprites was already weak enough to be useless outside of the two niches of "tank wants to grab adds reliably when fifty spawn at a time in most 'quality content' and instantly aggro the healer otherwise" and "hi, yes, I'm the CC and I'm tired of the dogs being programmed to just randomly break free from a minute or more of CC and instantly rush up to the platform, so I'll generate as much aggro without breaking all their CC as possible so they don't glitch out AGAIN and ruin everything AGAIN;" I guess I'm just not smart enough to understand the continuing trend of nerfing things that already weren't usable outside of specific gimmicks anyways.
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  • gentlegiantvexxgentlegiantvexx Posts: 319 Community Moderator
    edited September 2022
    Love that Ego Sprites is saving the server some resources for the stacking ticks, piano playing keys, and getting debuff utility; but could it have it's damage value equal to that of 3 stacks?
    Telepathy DPSers and CCers with physical accessibility issues would wholeheartedly appreciate it if their piano playing powerset doesn't require them to get into more danger or target a bit wild in order to pull off Ego Sprites, Mental Leech, Shadow of Doubt, Mental Storm, and Ego Storm and not be worth much.
  • nbkxsnbkxs Posts: 752 Arc User
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Updates to r9s?!?! :D Finally! Can we get these for the rest of the 9s too?! Please?! Maybe?!
  • nacito#6758 nacito Posts: 945 Arc User
    I agree with vexx, if you increase energy usage and reduce the stacking at least increase the damage too
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