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the downside of device power varients

legionexxodlegionexxod Posts: 43 Arc User
I started thinking about this when denial of service was added to the game, typically I didnt really care about varient devices so I never tried them.
This time there was a power varient I had actually wished for! A Particle damage version of FC! Awesome!
In my mind I imagined my character charging the power and firing it from their head (which is how I use FC on that character) so I tested it on PTS and had layers of dissappointment.

1) because its a device you cant change the attatch point of the power so you are stuck with shooting it out of your hand
2) because its a device power you cant add it to your power tray, for my set up and the way I play this is a big dissadvantage, but this doesnt make sense, because I know its possible, for example with the armadillo set equipped, you get the armadillo rolle ability and the transformation added to your power tray.
3) It concerns me that powers being added this way might mean that powers arent going to be added to power trees as much.

My solutions:
1) change power varient devices to add the power to your power tray, the device wont be clickable in its slot just a power granting trinket.
2) allow the power to be added to the powers list with options for hand, chest, fist, and head slot animations
3) dont stop adding more powers to power sets not just through varient devices (and not just ultimates)
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