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FC.31.20220422.20 - Dots

kaiserin#0958 kaiserin Posts: 2,848 Cryptic Developer
edited May 2022 in PTS - The Archive
Bleed/Poisoned/Plasma Burn
  • Plasma Burn will now deal its damage in one chunk per second instead of individual hits every second to match Bleed and Poisoned.
  • Updated how these dots are applied under the hood. Please test to make sure they can still be refreshed and ruptured properly.
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  • spookyspectrespookyspectre Posts: 579 Arc User
    Sooo... speaking of Bleed/Poisoned/Plasma Burn. Concentration and Aspect of the Infernal will increase the damage for all 3 dots. Chilled Form will only increase the damage for Poison. Any chance Chilled Form could be updated to match the other toggles and buff bleeds and plasma burn?
  • criswolf09criswolf09 Posts: 738 Arc User
    Orbital Cannon's Anvil of dawn applies stacks of plasma burn but they don't deal damage. This is a bug.
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  • negusonic#7245 negusonic Posts: 104 Arc User
    Testing the new Math to see if

    DoTs are now properly working with Damage Penetration from:
    1) INT Specialization (Detect Vulnerability)
    2) DUC item
    3) Telepathy DoTs with Congress of Selves

    Doesn't seem that the penetration makes much of a difference on NPC Dummies. Are there Test Dummies with varying Defenses that can be labeled?

    Also with Plasma Burn it seems the amount is low compared to poison and bleed. Chi DoTs still seem low too. Granted My build is not made for DPS so I'll trust the Min/Max builds to tell more.

    - -

    As an aside I dont know why Fighting Claws set exists. Seems like a great chance for large charge attacks to capitalize on constant damage (if not bleeds then SOMETHING) but there are like a total of 4 or 5 actual attacks for that set that aren't shared. Seems a golden opportunity to make a set functionality change. Even move these powers into Unarmed *with a weapon skin option* and create a new set for Support Martial Arts like "The Reiki" or so I've seen suggested. Shredded doesn't make sense NOT to bleed but Bleeding is already a widely used dmg type so.. maybe expanding the Chi DPS AND Chi Heals to have a consumption option was a great suggestion.

    Even if it's just a Melee reskin of the Telepathy DoT mechanics it's adding a function that the game is otherwise missing.
  • negusonic#7245 negusonic Posts: 104 Arc User
    Ok Realizing what's happening for Telepathy Dots is tha ability to stack them but it seems the Chi DoTs do not have ANY stacking mechanism. Nor do the Bleeds, Plasmas or even Pestilence. For builds that choose the DoT/HoT on multiple Powers' advantages it seems they are wasting advantage points.

    Its hard to tell the math on what's a Stacking DoT and What's not. Hopefully these will be more standardized for DPS and Support builds (the two types of builds that use DoT)

    As for the Penetration the number seemed consistent on all the ticks even though my personal build is not particularly Damage numbered it doesn't seem that the DoT Penetration is working on only the first tick anymore but unsure if that means working on Zero Ticks or on All ticks.

    Dodge Defense against DoT seems very convoluted as well but highly effective.. but maybe that's just Lightning Reflexes?
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