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Removing Mods dropping from Cosmics. Increase Burst Drops.

metalheart#4270 metalheart Posts: 635 Arc User
edited December 2021 in Suggestions Box
When I ask people to queue burst. They say why. We can get better from Cosmics. Well just nerf what Cosmics drops!

Add a character cool down on the amount nof mods they can receive on a single toon for 20 hours.


  • jaazaniah1jaazaniah1 Posts: 4,713 Arc User
    No. Make Bursts and PP give R5s and the occaisonal R6 for lvl 40s and remove ALL vehicle mod drops from the game, period. I like the cosmic mod drops just fine as is.
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  • ansemthedarkansemthedark Posts: 607 Arc User
    By this point I wonder why mods under R4 even exist honestly, they are just a placeholder to make them more rare, on top of so many mods by now, especially for each damage type instead of each damage category. It overcomplicated things, even more so with the two stat mods. It is a damn mess.

    The fusion system sucks still, and I still prefer the old crafting, even that it wasn't as useful. I still not get why we could not have both and just add it instead of replacing. Was there really such a need to replace and make new items like this instead of reworking the existing gear?

    Yet power reworks, they nerf one thing instead of buffing others, it makes no sense how often Cryptic/PW does a decision that goes against every standard a company would choose. Same with those mods being so many damage types yet some are ONLY in events or other places and not balanced out to get.

    It is overfeeding itself with too many things. Not customer or player friendly at all. Esepcialyl since we not even have a proper wiki to look all up because they not care even to support that.
  • pantagruel01pantagruel01 Posts: 7,064 Arc User
    Alternately, just remove burst alerts.
  • areeeareee Posts: 486 Arc User
    Isn't it the Devs who decide those things?
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