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Form: Echo

areeeareee Posts: 461 Arc User
For pet users the amount of passives that affect their pets is limited. So I give ya the Echo Form.

Echo duplicates the summoners passive onto pets who have been summoned by them, at a reduced rate which can be increased by increasing the rank.

For example
Rank 1: 20%
Rank 2: 35%
Rank 3: 50%

So if you have the Hearth Passive and Echo Rank 1

Elemental Damage for you increases by 60%, for your summons 12%
Fire Resistance for you 40%, for your summons 8%
Elemental Resistance for you 10%, For your summons 2%
Healing Str for you 85%, for your healing summons 17%
Enemies that attack you or your pets will get clinging flames proc'd onto them.
The healing aura would not be shared, energy gain when elemental damaged would not either.

Not very much but if Echo was Rank 3
30% elemental damage
20% fire resistance
5% elemental resistance
42% healing str

With the amount of passives out there, would give alot more opportunities for a wide range of pet builds.
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