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[CO] White Talon: V1 - E1

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Forgotten Chinese lore tells of the great dragon, Hanlong, and the power he has long bestowed upon human champions to spread virtue and protect mankind from the evil forces of the world.

This gift was said to give the holder great wisdom, power and skill as a warrior. The legends say that these warriors were once the guardians of China, before the Imperial age began.

Many Emperors, generals and warlords have sought after this power, seeking to learn Hanlong's secrets from his champions, or slay them in the hopes of obtaining it.

Placed in the wrong hands, Hanlong's power could bring destruction upon the planet.

MJ's Westside Stories



The Amazing Shaolin Kid (Ricky Feng)
Kinetik (Brendan Grant)
The Wicked Red Lotus
and. . .
Hi Pan!
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