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Dec 22, 2021 DOTG Murder Mystery Costume Contest!

shortbus#4297 shortbus Posts: 99 Arc User
edited October 9 in Costumes and Concepts
This December 22nd, the Defenders of the Galaxy will host a Murder Mystery Costume Contest.
3 Ways to win.
You may participate in 1, 2, or all 3 parts as you desire.

1st way to win: Make a Costume for the Costume Contest theme of "Suspects in the Murder of Comet the Reindeer."
The CC will kick off at our normal time of 7pm server time. And for this CC, dress as though you could be a possible suspect in the death of Comet the Reindeer. Piffle and her Team of Judges will judge your costumes based on this theme.

2nd Way to Win: Murder Mystery Elimination Game. It is up to YOU to determine how your character might be a suspect in the death of Comet (Don't worry, I'll help you figure out stuff if you ask).
The murder mystery will start at 6pm server time. So, 1 hour before the main CC as listed above. Have fun, get in to character and discuss the death of Comet.
Suspects have 3 Categories: Suspect Type, Likely Weapon, Possible Motives (Or Suspects, Weapons, Motives).
Your character will be assigned a category in each. These Categories are:
Suspects: 1)Residents of the Northpole, 2) Holiday TV and Movie Characters (homage), 3) Everyone else (real or imaginary)
Weapons: Weapons: 1)Holiday themed items/weapons, 2)regular weapons, 3)Other Objects.
Motives: 1) Greed/Personal Gain. 2) Revenge/payback/vigilante Justice, 3)accident/self defense, 4) insanity.

First Example, you are a Yukon Cornelius homage named Juneau Jack, and one day while prospecting for Silver and Gold, you tossed your luck pick axe around in the air, and then lost sight of it because the fog was as thick as peanut butter. You would categorize yourself as...
Suspect: Holiday TV Character
Weapon: Pickaxe, Other Objects
Motive: Accident

How about a less cut and dried suspect type.
So lets Say you were and Angry Easter Bunny who wanted to ruin Christmas because he was tired of being #2. You might go:
Suspect-Everyone Else (unless you have a specific holiday special with an Easter Bunny),
Weapon: A very Large Carrot, Other Objects
Motive: Personal Gain (though insanity might work too).

Examples of each category:
1)Residents of the Northpole: Santa, Mrs Claus, Elves, Reindeer, magical snowmen, Yeti, Eskimos, Sentient toy,
2) Holiday TV and Movie Characters (homage): Any Holiday, Any Special. And yes, I realize this includes everything from Charlie Brown , Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts Gang, Rudolph, Santa (Miracle on 34th Street to Fatman), The Grinch, Little Cindy Loo Hoo, Harold and Kumar, Buddy the Elf, George Bailey, the Haunukah Armadillo, Ralphie Parker, Just about anyone from the Hallmark Channel. And it doesn't have to be just about Winter Holidays.
3) Everyone else (real or imaginary): Leprechauns, Evil Toy Makers, Banished, Elves, Kids who got coal, a Canadian Hunter who ventured too far north, eh, a Doe from down south Comet visited, a Celebrity Chef with a Venison recipe he wanted to try.

1)Holiday themed items/weapons: Candy Cane weapons, a menorah, a Dreidel Grenade, 4th of July fire works, Razor Blade loaded Halloween Candy, A Jack O lantern, razor wire tinsel.
2)regular weapons: Sword, gun, grenade, hunter trap,
3)Other Objects: a blunt object (lead pipe, candlestick), baseball bat, sci-fi laser gun, choked with mind powers.

1) Greed/Personal Gain: inherit wealth, cut out the competion, get promoted, become Santa's favorite, paid to kill, wanted a big Trophy
2) Revenge/payback/vigilante Justice: Sick of getting coal, Didn't like it when Coach Comet said "We won't let Rudolph play in our Reindeer Games", Comet got off on a technicality and you want justice!
3)accident/self defense: "I just tossed him the Fruitcake and then he turned at it hit him in the head," Comet had been drinking..., "We were just putting the star on top of the tree when the latter slipped and the star went right in his eye.
4) insanity. We're talking Arkham Asylum levels of illogic and insanity. Maybe your character thinks he is Elmer J Fudd, Millionaire (who owns a mansion and a yacht), Maybe Comet was supposed to be home cleaning the bathroom and needed to be taught a lesson for ruining the punch line, If Christmas never happens, then we don't know who is naughty and who is nice and therefore we will have chaos!

Now, to participate you will put your suspect info in your Description (either at the Top or the Bottom, include your name for this character if other than your character's actual name) like...

Juneau Jack
Suspect: Holiday TV Character
Weapon: Pickaxe, Other Objects
Motive: Accident.

Even if you were just your normal Superhero self in your normal costume you can do this with out committing to the CC part of it.

Suspect: Everyone Else
Weapon: Super Strength Punch
Motive: Accident, didn't see him while I was flying.

Then with those that are participating having include the Suspect info, we can then make a table (like in Clue) that helps us sort the suspects. Something like

And then you can fill this in with...

After everyone has had a chance to gather this info, I (your host) will start giving clues that will rule out suspects. Ideally, I will have gathered all of the suspect information and put it in table of my own and can start doing announcements at about 6:20 pm. If a lot of people are in attendance, then it might be a bit later. People can show up and participate up until I make the first announcement. So please, show up early, ask questions if you need to, and be ready on a square with your suspect info in you Description by 6:20 if you want to participate.

Examples of how to eliminate suspects might be something like a Lab report that indicated it was a holiday themed weapon, perhaps all the Movie and TV characters have alibis thanks to being at some awards show, or maybe our consultants are sure that it was no accident and not just personal gain. We will eliminate suspects until 1 is left. We might have to rule out more specific things (like candy cane weapons were not involved, or no food items at all), until finally we have our last suspect.

When you think you know it, you will use the in-game mail to send @Shortbus who you accuse. The first correct answer gets 3 cosmic keys of power. All other correct answers will get 1 Cosmic Key of Power. Only those that included Suspect information in their description are allowed to participate in this.

3rd way to win! Short Suspect Synopsis!
In your Bio, include a short narrative about how you could be a suspect in the Death of Comet and we will award the ones we liked best.
Judging for this will also start at 6pm Server Time.

Were you a Doe that he left at the alter? Maybe Mrs Claus has a really nice venison recipe. Maybe if you destroy Christmas you can cripple the Cardmark Channel who fired you after your crimes came to light. Or maybe you know your kid is nice and volunteers and is an honor student, but can we just go 1 YEAR with out having to replace all the shingles on the damn roof?!?!? Or perhaps you are an Elf who is just tired of shoveling up the reindeer. You can describe it. But, limit your self to a short paragraph or 2 if you do as brevity is key when in a Bio Contest.

And if you have a BIO on your character that you want to bring, but don't want to overwrite, you can save your description by copying and pasting to a notepad txt file and then put it back when done with the CC.
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