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Some PTS Laser Testing Results, GCR Sets, Brilliance Mod vs R9 Impact

h4forumsh4forums Posts: 103 Arc User
edited October 6 in Builds and Roles
Sometimes I see WTS/WTB for the TT Brilliance mod in zone chat, and wondered how good it really was. I imagine most of the endgame players have already done similar testing, but I thought it would be nice to post some results for people who are curious or can't be bothered to use the laser room. For the purposes of this test, I used the 1500 damage laser, no superstats, no stat mods slotted, no spec tree, naked block. Obviously an actual build will have better numbers, but I did it this way to isolate the mod and set comparisons. I did not do Justice set since its fairly obvious that set is geared towards damage output.

r0 block = 200% damage resistance
virt 2pc bonus = 10% damage resistance
dist 3pc bonus = +64 def
ov secondaries (slicer, fitness, speed)
brilliance mod = 20% damage resistance
R9 impact = +21 defense

3pc virt set (precision, fitness, efficiency) 113 def = 27% damage resistance
virtuous set, no block, 1077
virtuous set, block, 382
virtuous set, 2x R9 impact mod, no block, 999
virtuous set, 2x R9 impact mod, block, 354
virtuous set, 2x brilliance mod, no block, 931
virtuous set, 2x brilliance mod, block, 330

3pc dist set (offense, freedom, efficiency) 176.6 def = 42% damage resistance
dist set, no block, 1060
dist set, block, 353
dist set, 2x R9 impact mod, no block, 991
dist set, 2x R9 impact mod, block, 330
dist set, 2x brilliance mod, no block, 930
dist set, 2x brilliance mod, block, 310

Based on these numbers, brilliance is better, but not by a whole lot. The gap between +def and brilliance might close even more when considering +def can be scaled in spec tree via fortified gear in guardian, warden, protector, sentry as well as armored in con tree. Distinguished's +64 def bonus seems to outperform virtuous' 10% damage resist bonus. Once we add the specs, ranked blocks, and power effects, the difference will likely become even smaller.


  • flowcytoflowcyto Posts: 11,924 Arc User
    Interesting, and thanks for sharing the data. It makes sense that Brilliance is a bit better for pure mitigation, since Impacts are easier to obtain and the defense can also boost The Best Defense from Warden_Guardian specs
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